Important! ShipConstructor 2009 Valid UM&S Required

In order to install ShipConstructor 2009 R1.0.2 you require a UM&S subscription valid as of November 1st, 2009 or newer. If you have questions about your UM&S subscription or to renew please contact your local representative.

ShipConstructor 2009 R1.0.2 - Fixed Issues: 2

New Features: 0
Improvements: 0
Fixed Issues: 2

Issue ID Issue Type Description
 Shared   Subtotal: 1 
15903 Issue Hull - The application may crash with a fatal error after opening the "Edit Stringer Shell" or "Create\Edit Stringer" dialog in a specific installation of ShipConstructor
 Structure   Subtotal: 1 
15580 Issue Structure - Profile cutouts do not show on an Assembly or Weld Management drawing

ShipConstructor 2009 R1.0.1 - Fixed Issues: 3

New Features: 0
Improvements: 0
Fixed Issues: 3

Issue ID Issue Type Description
 Distributed Systems   Subtotal: 1 
15849 Issue Distributed Systems - Saddle parts don't show that they are connected
 Shared   Subtotal: 1 
15850 Issue ShipConstructor - In some projects, updating SC2008 R441 ( database version to the SC2009 R1 ( version finishes with an error
 Structure   Subtotal: 1 
15848 Issue Structure - Plate Parts - Cutouts may not show up when plate parts are mirrored

ShipConstructor 2009 R1 - Fixed Issues: 192

New Features: 40
Improvements: 18
Fixed Issues: 134

Issue ID Issue Type Description
 Distributed System Supports / Standard Assemblies   Subtotal: 4 
13327 Minor Improvement Manager - Hanger -The Hanger collector is not available for HVAC Arrangement BOMs
13271 Issue Pipe - Hangers - Opening a drawing with hangers modifies those hangers
10139 New Feature Production - Spools & Arrangement & Assembly - Ability to re-attach production drawings
7471 New Feature Manager - Distributed Systems - Stock Catalogs - Support for hybrid (dropdown / contains) filter row
 Distributed Systems   Subtotal: 19 
13045 Issue Distributed Systems - Modeling - When using Transform Arrows, transforming along a part's Z-axis crashes
13021 Issue Distributed Systems - Modeling - Deleting the parts that are cut to max length crashes shipcon in a particular scenario
12928 Minor Improvement Production - Extract Center Line command should be available in production drawings
12907 Minor Improvement Manager - Distributed Systems - Add usage log to all dialogs that have a usage column
12887 Issue Production - Arrangement - Update - Update Drawing will fail with "Error while updating dataset" if the drawing doesn't contain a record in the database
12847 Issue Production - Spool - ReDimension window comboboxes for Label Style and Dimension style too narrow
12833 Issue Distributed Systems - Pipe/HVAC - When moving a part, the grip points don't update until you unselect and reselect the part.
12816 Issue Production - Spool - Update - Re-Dimension - Update parts throws unhandled exception during re-dimension when updating from model space
12278 Issue Production - BOM- Cannot insert BOM into production drawing without template edit permission
11639 New Feature Production - BOM - Allow User Defined Attributes on Spools and Assemblies
11623 New Feature Production - Distributed Systems - Allow the user to specify a range below with items are shown in single line, above in double line mode
10849 New Feature Distributed Systems - Pipe/HVAC - Modeling - Allow "bent" items to follow polylines /arc
10544 New Feature Distributed Systems - Manager - Ability to generate usage log for connections
10467 Minor Improvement DB - API - Distributed Systems - Setup - Add a permission to add / edit systems
9427 New Feature Distributed Systems - End Treatments - Line mode icon - Allow the user to modify line mode icons on a per-instance basis and on a per drawing basis
9117 Issue Pipe - Catalog - Importing piping catalog incorrectly deals with tees
9069 New Feature Distributed Systems - Navigator - Allow the user to lock spools from navigator
8713 Issue Distributed Systems - Stock Usage Dialogs - Ensure that stock usage dialogs inform users of deleted parts as well
6757 Minor Improvement Distributed Systems - Setup - Add a permission to add / edit systems
 Electrical   Subtotal: 2 
12478 Issue Manager - Electrical - Catalog - Conductors with a length defined using any units other than AWG appear as a long string of zeroes upon opening the Cable Library
12143 New Feature Electrical - Modeling - Implement space allocation modeling
 Equipment   Subtotal: 7 
12784 Issue Equipment - NavisWorks - Copied equipment parts written to NavisWorks files don't include their stock name as their NavisWorks header
12699 Issue Manager - Equipment - Library - Edit Standard Drawing - Moving insertion points using "Move Up" or "Move Down" displays error message
12642 Issue Manager - Equipment - Stock Library - Edit Std. Drawing throws an exception if it cannot open the standard drawing.
12622 Issue Equipment - Inserting - Only assemblies within the Unit should be able to be selected
12467 Issue Manager - Equipment - Insertable Equipment should always have a Standard Drawing
12250 Minor Improvement Manager - Equipment - Library - No evident way to remove an insertion point
11582 New Feature Equipment - Modeling - Add ability for the user to query equipment for additional information
 HVAC   Subtotal: 1 
10581 New Feature Production - Export - Export options for how parts should be exported
 Hull   Subtotal: 22 
13561 Issue Hull - Stringer Shell - Showing stringer shell will cause crash
13293 Issue Structure - Parts - Curved Plate - Export from Hull - Invisible markings on the expanded surface become visible on the production data when exported to a Curved Plate drawing.
12686 New Feature Hull - Surfaces - Create command to validate surface health
12659 New Feature Hull - Surface - Create ShipConstructor Surface from AutoCAD surface
12177 Issue Hull - Orientation Icon - Orientation Icon directions can be wrong.
12176 Issue Hull - Orientation Icon - Orientation Icon can be located outside of the surface bounds
12111 Issue Hull - Stringer Shell - Exporting a file with a Stringer Shell to NavisWorks causes a crash
12096 Issue Hull - Curved Plate Part - Mark group intersects is too slow.
11881 Issue Hull - Marklines - Markline Properties for girth marklines has an invalid location value
11676 Minor Improvement Hull - Export to Structure - When creating multiple Curved Plates have a Apply To All
11434 Issue Hull - Surface - Single curved surfaces created from curves with multiple coincident points, causes problems on export.
11120 Issue Hull - When Hull objects are highlighted using dialog selections, the objects are not added to the selection set
11062 Issue Hull - Curve Block - Unable to create curve block from curves of multiple degree
11061 Issue Hull - Create a Hull Properties object command which opens up the Edit Properties dialog for the selected object type (SCHULLEDITPROPS)
11060 Issue Hull - Curve Block - Allow curve block creation using other curve blocks as well as curves
10892 New Feature Hull - Template - Template offset tables for flexible forming templates
10572 Issue Hull - Stock - Added Stock (green) curve is placed on the current layer rather than the layer of the plate.
8861 Issue Hull - Permissions - It should not be possible to modify hull geometry if the file is not registered to the current project
8609 New Feature Hull - Forming Template - Edge marks for inner trim loops and intermediate outer trim loop intersects
6386 Issue Hull - Plate Expansion - Adding stock with different values has poor results at plate corners
3082 New Feature Hull - Plate Expansion - Template/Template intersection markings
2704 Issue Hull - Plate Expansion - Add stock to individual sides in surface expansion for single curved surface problematic
 NC-Pyros   Subtotal: 1 
13696 Issue NC-Pyros - Input Filter - Rotate Geometry set to non-zero does not rotate the mark text that is converted to lines
 Penetrations   Subtotal: 8 
13609 Issue Penetrations - Unhandled Exception occurs when creating a Collar type pipe penetration with the Pipe Type property equal to Structure Pipe
13466 Issue Penetrations - Penetrations (and components) are updated when the structure drawing is saved.
12718 Issue Production - Updating a BOM that contains a Penetration Component collector produces error messages
12231 Issue Production - Penetrations - SConPenPRODOBJ does not show specific properties
11922 New Feature Penetrations - Ability to modify the Doubler toolpath as well as the penetration Cutout
11349 Issue Penetrations - Modeling - Undoing a Penetration Revision can cause a crash
10318 New Feature Penetrations - Modeling - Allow for penetration accessories
8433 Issue Penetrations - penetrations not updated after penetrator is modified
 Pipe   Subtotal: 10 
14160 Issue Distributed Systems - Modeling - Straight pipes and HVAC parts require a bend radius specification when they are modeled
12902 Issue Manager - Pipe - 180 degree elbows have incorrect total length
12729 New Feature Pipe - Modeling - Connecting to a different system should prompt the user to change to the existing system
12614 Minor Improvement Production - Arrangement - Allow the "Show Connected Spools" SCCONSPOOL command to be used in arrangement drawings
12415 Issue Manager - Pipe - Catalog - Valve Handle Editor - 2D Geometry throws error if drawing is open
12340 Issue Manager - Pipe - Stock Catalog - "Cone Operator" handle type has incorrectly named parameters
11919 Issue Pipe - AutoPart - Using Insert Connector Set to create a Remote Connection places Connectors at the Origin
11596 New Feature Pipe - Production output - Option to visually show green in both single line and double line representations
11327 Issue Pipe - Modeling - Cut to max length does not handle green properly.
9095 Minor Improvement Pipe - Catalog Editor - Improve elbow editing
 Project Split & Merge   Subtotal: 2 
12950 New Feature Project Split & Merge - Merge/Refresh log file does not contain entry indicating data save step has begun
10514 Issue Project Split & Merge - Product Hierarchy - You can rename an assembly when you have the PH checked split to the current project but not the parts below it
 Shared   Subtotal: 33 
14000 Issue Reports - Attempting to generate reports is causing errors.
13852 Issue Reports - Penetration - Some new sections for Penetration Components appear in both the Penetration Compents reports AND in Pipe System reports
13189 Issue ShipConstructor - Revisions - Add Pipe Support & Hangers and Weld items to the revisions dialog.
13124 Issue ShipConstructor - AutoCAD 2009 - Disable new variable "OPENPARTIAL"
12866 Minor Improvement Report - Remnant and Remnant Weight could confuse users
12845 Minor Improvement Production - Plate Nest - May need to remind user to update remnant labels after edit remnant
12769 Minor Improvement Production - Pipe Bending XML - Bending machine value is not written to XML
12758 Issue Manager - User Defined Attributes - Description fields do not display in BOM field selection dialog
12693 Issue ShipConstructor - Copy Project - Server sometimes denies login after project restore. SC should automatically delay & retry
12685 New Feature Domain Model - Convert DomainModel templates to C#
12676 Issue Production - Templates - Case sensitive problem.
12671 New Feature ShipConstructor - Part properties labels
12529 Issue ShipConstructor - Utilities - MLink - Deleting the mlinked drawing still shows the drawing as being MLinked
12521 New Feature Report - Penetrations - Add Penetration X,Y,Z location, Project coordinates
12506 Issue Manager - Import - Structure - Profile - Cutouts - When importing extrusion stock cutouts, don't import if there is already an cutout of that type on the stock
12499 Issue Production - Product Hierarchy - Find sometimes doesn't select the next part
12483 Issue ShipConstructor - Login - Invalid characters in password may result in obscure error
12346 Issue Reports & BOMs - Some servers experience "Internal Server Error" when generating BOMS/Reports
12280 Issue Structure - Plate Part - After closing the 'Edit Properties' dialog on a plate part, that plate part remains selected
12270 Issue Production - Profile Plot - Update - Plot was not erased after parts deleted.
12179 New Feature Production - NavisWorks - Create Navisworks file (NWC) from selected drawings in a project
12113 New Feature Report - Structure - Report the web direction of a profile
12043 Issue Production - Global Dimension to Point - After running the command to create a global dimension to point the paperspace UCS is a broken pencil
12000 Issue Manager - BOM Definitions - BOM Field Chooser shows blank module column for certain fields
11970 New Feature Production - User Defined Attributes - Displaying Assembly and Spool UDAs in Production Drawings
11589 Issue Production - Editing a template prevents users from creating production drawings using that template.
11228 New Feature Production - Label - Tracking - Ensure ALL label types participate in label tracking
11019 Issue Report - Clicking "Apply" button should not close the "Edit Report" window
10428 New Feature Report - Column for full drawing path
9988 New Feature Production - Display Options - Have display options per viewport
9702 Issue Report - Profile Plot report
8669 New Feature Report - currently there is no ability to setup page margins
3968 Issue ShipConstructor - Utilities - MLink - Unable to MLink drawing with identical filename.
 Structure   Subtotal: 74 
14148 Issue Structure Modeling - Edit constructionline offset menu item does not work
14130 Issue Structure - Parts - Profile Parts - Check PGMD can cause a crash if you have profile parts with multiple trims
14103 Issue Manager - Standard Parts - Pressing the Edit Type button causes an Unhandled exception.
14003 Issue Structure Modeling - Cannot create planks and it also causes save error
14002 Issue Structure Modeling - Get an error when create a Weld Management drawing
14001 Issue Structure Modeling - Generating welds fails
13917 Issue Structure Modeling - Profile Parts - Changing the flange direction can change the trims of associated parts incorrectly
13916 Issue Structure Modeling - Profile Parts - Error in the Conflict Resolution Dialog
13787 Issue Production - dwgOptions are not available when creating an assembly drawing
13550 Issue Shipconstructor - When we use SCSUPPORTNWDOUT and SCSUPPORTNWCOUT command we get the cut to max length pop up
13503 Issue Production - Assembly Drawing - Update drawing that contained plank parts that were move out of the assembly show up every second update
13446 Issue Structure Modeling - Standard Stiffeners - Mirrored parts can change orientation if the standard is edited.
13428 Issue Manager - Project Setting - Structure - Display a warning and log file when the Fabricated Profile Component Nest Method project setting is changed
13423 Issue Manager - Structure - User Defined Attributes - If you add a "required default deferred" UDF to faceplates, it adds values to both faceplates & stiffeners
13362 Issue Interference - Fatal error when we try to create a new drawing in Split Project
13299 Issue Object Enabler - Structure - Copy then Undo a structure part will crash
13036 Issue Manager - Stock Catalog - Material grades used by Weld Standards are not flagged as In Use
13027 Issue Structure - Profile Parts - Replicated plates which are not identical because of cutouts can have identical faceplate attached to them
12994 Minor Improvement Production - Assembly - Creation wizard to show number of selected assemblies below the selection tree
12954 Issue Structure - Parts - Curved Plate - Surface markside is not correct on import from ShipCAM DXF file.
12924 Issue Manager - Standard Parts - Assigning a Standard Part Type to the root level results in a DB error when saving
12828 Issue Structure - Parts - Certain changes can be applied to the part upon canceling the edit properties window
12736 New Feature Pipe - Supports - Implement Pipe Supports
12637 Issue Structure - Standard Part - The Up/Down Arrow button in the Bracket Location window cannot arrow up unless arrow down first
12635 Issue Structure - Standard Part - Insert at Stiffener - The preview of "Bracket Axis Alignment" is incorrect when no secondary part is selected
12599 Issue Structure - Corrugated Plate - Preview - You can't see the corrugated stock preview when you have your background set to white
12597 New Feature Structure - Curve Plates - Update Curved Plate parts from Hull Surfaces
12574 Issue Structure - Curved Plate - Need a warning message when curved plate is not transferred
12543 Issue Structure - Part - Profile - Editing the throw/stock of a plate part does not update attached profile parts attached to related plates in other drawings
12534 Issue Structure - Parts - Profile - Modifying the length of a construction line used by a Profile Part will not update the length of related profile parts in other drawings
12511 Issue Structure - Part - Profile - Faceplate - Saving twice after using the Copy and Rotate 180 command causes errors
12416 Issue Structure - Planar Group - Create - Creating Planar Groups from Construction Lines leaves extra entities in drawing
12225 Issue Production - Plate Nest - Export to NC-Pyros converts arcs to line segments in certain cases
12175 Issue Structure - Part - Plate - Markline - Flange Foldline - Edit Flange Foldline marklines only updates the marklines of related parts in the current drawing.
12172 Issue Structure - Standard Part - Profile - Converting profile nested standard extrusion could create null objects
12041 Minor Improvement Structure - Part Information - Profile Parts - Add the ability to delete profile parts through the Part Information Window
12039 Issue Production - Plate Nest - Profile - Specific stiffeners can fail to plate nest of are plate nest incorrectly
11996 Issue Structure - Marklines - Attempt to move text with grip point moves text on the wrong line
11931 Issue Structure - Construction Lines - Handle the PEDIT command correctly and gracefully
11853 Issue Production - Profile Plots - Correct Offsets dimensions not showing up on curved inverse bend view in specific cases
11715 Issue Structure - Profile Plots - Bend Hatch Style and Green Hatch Style don't work
11684 Issue Structure - Manager - Stock Catalog - duplicate part name shows Database Error
11542 Issue Structure - Manager - "In Use" of Markline is not checked even if the markline was assigned to a markline type
11533 Issue Shared - get_objects_with_properties shouldnt return early during an undo
11490 Issue Manager - Structure - A text style used by Bevel Settings can be deleted from Text Styles window
11481 Issue Structure - Production Hierarchy - Properties in PH does not show nest information for a plate nested fabricated parts
11478 Issue Structure - Utilities - Part List - Nested information for fabricated parts could introduce confusion to users
11420 Issue Structure - Planks - "Part Information" window shows incorrect text size for piecemark
11262 Issue Structure - Manager - Stock Catalog - Usage Log button is active
11162 Issue Structure - Standard Part - Activate UCS does not work on standard plate part or a standard stiffener part
10932 New Feature Structure - Parts - Profile - Fabricated - Allow Fabricated Profiles to be plate nested with Curvature, Endcuts, Cutouts and trims
10880 Issue Structure - Hull Trace - Bevel angles are not kept when using Replace Hull Trace
10738 Issue Structure - Plate - Flange has outside cut loop in it in specific case
10709 New Feature Production - Assembly and Spool - Naming Convention - Creation of drawings should have an option to select other naming conventions
10584 Issue Manager - Structure - Plate - Bevel Settings - When selecting the Text Style for the bevel text the Text Style selection does not display in the correct location
10558 Minor Improvement Structure - Curved & Corrugated - During creation of Curved & Corrugated Plates ShipConstructor should attempt to convert the toolpath to arcs
10540 New Feature Structure - Profile - When creating the piecemark for a profile make the piecemark fit inside the bounds of the profile
10513 Issue Structure - Modeling - Identical stiffeners could have different stocks after change profile stock in one of the drawing
10411 Issue Structure - Plates - Automatic Bevels - Implement variable bevels
10386 Issue Structure - Plate - When using polyline to create plate part lines, constructionlines are not always converted to the new part's UCS.
10206 Issue Structure - Planks - Issues using overridden names on mirrored planks
9805 Minor Improvement Structure - Approval Drawings - Have an option to "Remove all solids"
9168 Issue Structure - Modeling - Profiles - The trim profile part command (SCTRIMEXTR) does not keep the users current osnap modes
9108 Minor Improvement Production - Profile Plots - Length option in Filtering is better to have its unit
8533 New Feature Structure - Part - Plate - Orientation Icon - Have an option to not allow the part orientation icon to resize
7381 Issue Structure - Profile Parts - User is asked if they want to extend the part to a trim plane when they should not be (and vice versa)
6774 Issue Structure - Stiffener - Cannot place a cutout on an arc segment of the Stiffener
6554 Issue Structure - Part - Twisted Stiffener - Apply to All on creating / editing does not work
6461 New Feature Structure - Part - Plate - Piecemark - Have an option to not allow piecemarks to size automatically during creation and to not rotate
6451 Issue Structure - Curve Plates - Should have a custom markline style for every type of markline in HULL
6448 Issue Structure - Faceplates - Add cutout applies rotation in the wrong direction
6206 New Feature Structure - Plate - Cutouts - Allow the insertion of cutouts manually for all plate parts (Curved, Corrugated, Planar, Plank)
5667 Minor Improvement Structure - Plate - Stiffener Marklines - Markline extends past the Web Edge of the Stiffener when certain trims are applied
4833 New Feature Structure - Parts - Plate - Bevel - Show bevels on the solid
 Weld Management   Subtotal: 9 
13760 Issue Weld Management - Some welds are not created properly. (with a closed 3D path)
13486 Issue Weld Management - Cannot generate welds between a plate and hull surface
13410 Issue Weld Management - Attempting to MLink in a Weld Management Drawing will result in an Unhandled exception.
13406 Issue Weld Management - Weld Manager - Welds in the drawing should be selected when they are selected in the Weld Manager and vice versa
13393 Issue Weld Management - Weld Manager - Add the ability for a user to over-ride the weld path geometry for a given weld
13392 Issue Weld Management - Weld Manager - Non-structure parts show up in the product hierarchy tree.
13379 Issue Weld Management - Weld Manager - Limit the Weld Manager to things in the current unit
13378 Issue Weld Management - Weld Generation - Add a user set tolerance that would filter out welds that are too small to be valid
13377 Issue Weld Management - Weld Generation - Optimize the continue generating of welds