Important Information About Space Allocations

Please read the Tech Notes when you first launch ShipConstructor 2009 R1.1 for important information about Space Allocations.

ShipConstructor 2009 Valid UM&S Required

In order to install ShipConstructor 2009 R1.1 you require a UM&S subscription valid as of November 1st, 2009 or newer. If you have questions about your UM&S subscription or to renew please contact your local representative.

ShipConstructor 2009 R1.1 - Fixed Issues: 15

New Features: 1
Improvements: 0
Fixed Issues: 14

Issue ID Issue Type Description
 Equipment   Subtotal: 3 
16268 Issue Equipment - You cannot create an equipment with just HVAC ends with just an Equipment license.
15667 Issue Equipment - Equipment Library - Canceling changes results in the confirm cancel dialog shown twice
12411 Issue Manager - Equipment - Library - Closing the equipment catalog doesn't prompt about unsaved changes like it does with the cancel button.
 HVAC   Subtotal: 1 
15966 Issue HVAC- Modeling - Choosing Insulation for Hvac fitting while jigging doesn't let you pick the first point to place the fitting.
 Hull   Subtotal: 1 
15316 Issue Hull - Forming Templates - All sightline ticks incorrectly point in the direction opposite to the direction of the template alignment icon
 Penetrations   Subtotal: 1 
15919 Issue Penetrations - Modeling - Using SCExportDWG in a drawing containing a new penetration causes an error
 Pipe   Subtotal: 1 
16341 Issue PHP - Hangers - Licensing - Unable to place and modify pipe hangers using a pipe license
 Project Split & Merge   Subtotal: 1 
16521 Issue Split and Merge - Stability and performance improvements
 Shared   Subtotal: 5 
16049 Issue ShipConstructor - ShipConstructor will crash on an attempt to open a project drawing if Autodesk Vault is installed on the same machine
16046 Issue Production - Plate Nest - In plate nest drawings, the option for how to process different components, "by layer" or "by color," while exporting the drawing to DWG or DXF is missing
15969 Issue Reports - Importing report definitions from XML fails with an unhandled exception error
15957 Issue Production - BOM - Accessory package items' row indices don't merge consistently and correctly; the merging field in the BOM table definition is ignored
11253 New Feature Report - New Sections for System Report: "Fittings Only", "Pipe Only", "Spools", "Spooled Pipe/HVAC", "Unassigned Pipe/HVAC", "No-Spool Pipe/HVAC"
 Structure   Subtotal: 2 
16433 Issue Structure - Manager - Import stocks from the XML file in the Structure stock catalog doesn't see profiles contained in the XML file
12422 Issue Weld Management - Import of weld types does not remove old geometry and keywords

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