Important Information About Space Allocations

We have identified a number of significant issues with Space Allocations and the timeframe that is required to resolve these issues is larger than the reasonable window in which we can additionally delay ShipConstructor 2009 R1.1. Therefore, it is recommended you do not use Space Allocations for production purposes at this time. However, if you wish to see the capabilities of Space Allocations, you should read the following guide for a list of Known Issues as well as a Usage Guide for using Space Allocations in their current condition. This guide also applies to ShipConstructor 2009 R1.

Space Allocation Known Issues and Usage Guide

Important! ShipConstructor 2009 Valid UM&S Required

In order to install ShipConstructor 2009 R1.1.1 you require a UM&S subscription valid as of November 1st, 2009 or newer. If you have questions about your UM&S subscription or to renew please contact your local representative.

ShipConstructor 2009 R1.1.1 - Fixed Issues: 6

New Features: 0
Improvements: 0
Fixed Issues: 6

Issue ID Issue Type Description
 Hull   Subtotal: 2 
16562 Issue Hull - Export to Structure - Exporting an expanded surface to Structure may fail with the "Underlying surface mesh definition extends further than outer trim loop" error message
15902 Issue Hull - Modeling - Templates are named in wrong order when created from a combination of projection and location sections
 NC-Pyros   Subtotal: 2 
16803 Issue NC-Pyros - Erroneously reports an incremental error in specific case of Messer omnibevel intermediate
16802 Issue NC-Pyros - Using Messer Omnibevel intermediate controller code file will not create the correct text marking codes
 Shared   Subtotal: 1 
16796 Issue Production - Exporting a Plate Nest with a Fabricated Profile in it will display a datalayer error and not export
 Structure   Subtotal: 1 
16807 Issue Production - Plate Nest - Updating plate nest drawings doesn't make penetration cutouts show up

ShipConstructor 2009 R1.1 - Fixed Issues: 15

New Features: 1
Improvements: 0
Fixed Issues: 14

Issue ID Issue Type Description
 Equipment   Subtotal: 3 
16268 Issue Equipment - You cannot create an equipment with just HVAC ends with just an Equipment license.
15667 Issue Equipment - Equipment Library - Canceling changes results in the confirm cancel dialog shown twice
12411 Issue Manager - Equipment - Library - Closing the equipment catalog doesn't prompt about unsaved changes like it does with the cancel button.
 HVAC   Subtotal: 1 
15966 Issue HVAC- Modeling - Choosing Insulation for Hvac fitting while jigging doesn't let you pick the first point to place the fitting.
 Hull   Subtotal: 1 
15316 Issue Hull - Forming Templates - All sightline ticks incorrectly point in the direction opposite to the direction of the template alignment icon
 Penetrations   Subtotal: 1 
15919 Issue Penetrations - Modeling - Using SCExportDWG in a drawing containing a new penetration causes an error
 Pipe   Subtotal: 1 
16341 Issue PHP - Hangers - Licensing - Unable to place and modify pipe hangers using a pipe license
 Project Split & Merge   Subtotal: 1 
16521 Issue Split and Merge - Stability and performance improvements
 Shared   Subtotal: 5 
16049 Issue ShipConstructor - ShipConstructor will crash on an attempt to open a project drawing if Autodesk Vault is installed on the same machine
16046 Issue Production - Plate Nest - In plate nest drawings, the option for how to process different components, "by layer" or "by color," while exporting the drawing to DWG or DXF is missing
15969 Issue Reports - Importing report definitions from XML fails with an unhandled exception error
15957 Issue Production - BOM - Accessory package items' row indices don't merge consistently and correctly; the merging field in the BOM table definition is ignored
11253 New Feature Report - New Sections for System Report: "Fittings Only", "Pipe Only", "Spools", "Spooled Pipe/HVAC", "Unassigned Pipe/HVAC", "No-Spool Pipe/HVAC"
 Structure   Subtotal: 2 
16433 Issue Structure - Manager - Import stocks from the XML file in the Structure stock catalog doesn't see profiles contained in the XML file
12422 Issue Weld Management - Import of weld types does not remove old geometry and keywords