Important! ShipConstructor 2011 Valid UM&S Required

In order to install ShipConstructor 2011 R1.1 you require a UM&S valid as of September 27th, 2010 or newer. If you have questions about your UM&S or to renew please contact your local representative.

Detailed TechNotes PDF

A detailed list of fixed issues and new features is included in the installer as a PDF. It can be opened using the following shortcut path: All Programs > ShipConstructor 2011 > Help > PDF > TechNotes

ShipConstructor 2011 R1.1 - Fixed Issues: 16

New Features: 1
Fixed Issues: 15

Issue ID Issue Type Description
Distributed System Supports / Standard Assemblies   Subtotal: 1 
17276 Issue Production - BOM - Table rows that show standard assembly parts don't merge when the parts are assigned to different sub-assemblies
Distributed Systems   Subtotal: 3 
17277 Issue Production - Spool Drawings - Labels created from the "Location Table" BOM are drawn for all pipe ends instead of free ends only
17084 Issue Production - Arrangement Drawings - In arrangement drawings where pipe connections with accessory packages are labeled from BOMs that show all individual accessories, multiple identical labels may point to one connection
9453 New Feature Production - Labeling - Labels from different BOM tables can overlap in production drawings
Equipment   Subtotal: 1 
16886 Issue Equipment - Modeling - Equipment geometry won't update in model drawings if equipment stock name has been changed after editing the standard drawings in Manager
Project Split & Merge   Subtotal: 1 
16146 Issue Project Split & Merge - An unhandled exception error may abort the Refresh procedure in a Split project if duplicate pipe part names are detected during Refresh
Shared   Subtotal: 5 
17303 Issue Project Split & Merge - Product Hierarchy - In a split project, users can edit names of product hierarchy levels (ranks) even when Product Hierarchy is not owned by the split
17274 Issue ShipConstructor - Product Hierarchy - Changing order of existing levels produces an error when applying changes in the dialog
17160 Issue Production - BOM - When the "Standard Assembly" collector is used in a BOM table, standard assembly parts may not appear correctly in the table instance if parts are members of child assemblies
16917 Issue Project Split & Merge - Allow to modify Product Hierarchy assignments for parts that are not allocated to the current portion of the project when their containing Unit is
16576 Issue Structure - Modeling - A non detailed "MAJOR ERROR OCCURED" message may show up when saving a Structure model drawing
Structure   Subtotal: 5 
17717 Issue Production - Plate Nest Drawings - In 64-bit installations of ShipConstructor, automatic nesting of identical parts fails with an error message that says, "unable to get geometry for remnant"
17267 Issue ShipConstructor - Product Hierarchy - Adding new levels to an existing product hierarchy causes an error upon applying changes in the dialog
17219 Issue Structure - Modeling - Splitting mirrored plank collections can lead to their mirror's disappearing from model drawings while still being a part of the project
17100 Issue Production - Plate Nest Drawing - In a specific case when nest bridges are involved, an error message such as "Unable to open part for read" is produced by "Check Nests and BOM"
16548 Issue Manager - Structure Stock catalog - Importing fabricated profiles from a specific project may lead to a database error that occurs upon saving the catalog

ShipConstructor 2011 R1 - Fixed Issues: 83

New Features: 24
Fixed Issues: 59

Issue ID Issue Type Description
Administrator   Subtotal: 2 
9833 Issue Administrator - The "Scheduled Backup" column does not populate right away after creating a new backup job
8347 New Feature Administrator - Provide the ability to schedule database maintenance operations such as compact database
Distributed System Supports / Standard Assemblies   Subtotal: 8 
16222 Issue Manager - Standard Assemblies Catalog - Previews are not displayed for Standard Assembly Standards
16157 Issue Production - Support Construction Drawings - Clicking "Ok" in the Update dialog when there are modified parts doesn't close the dialog but keeps repeating in the command line "Enter new value for TILEMODE"
16117 Issue Supports - Modeling - A support copied along a pipe won' t get attached to the pipe if either of the support template values such as "Min Distance To First Pipe" or "Min Distance to Last Pipe" is zero
16003 Issue Standard Assemblies - An unhandled exception prevents standard assembly instances from being modeled in non-structure drawings if internal structure parts use the planar group drawing name in their naming conventions
15989 Issue Standard Assemblies - In model drawings, moving Standard Assembly instances that are not split to the current project moves Equipment, Pipe, and HVAC parts
15757 Issue Distributed Systems - Modeling - The "SCAutoSupport" command does not work properly for the "I" type of supports
15702 Issue Standard Assemblies - Modeling - A crash will occur if a Standard Assembly instance is moved with the AutoCAD "Move" command
13803 Issue Distributed System Supports - Hangers - Part name change outside of the model drawing causes "ShipConstructor has encountered a fatal error..." upon the next saving the model drawing
Distributed Systems   Subtotal: 7 
16993 Issue Hangers - Modeling - AutoCAD OPM will refuse to select hanger accessory packages if the drawing is reopened after hangers were modeled
16946 Issue Distributed Systems - Modeling - Connecting Pipe or HVAC parts and simultaneously cutting them to the maximum length may crash ShipConstructor
16535 Issue Distributed Systems - Modeling - Using grip arrows to transform HVAC, Equipment, or Pipe parts may crash ShipConstructor is a 3D Visual Style is on
16386 Issue Distributed Systems - Modeling - The part name isn't reported properly in the text of the warning message that appears when the "No Spool" status of a locked part is attempted to be modified
13804 Issue Production - Distributed Systems - Prohibit copying model drawing parts to the clipboard and pasting them to production drawings
11598 Issue Production - Labeling - Labels may automatically use an incorrect insertion mode so that the bubble is intersected by the leader line
9645 Issue Distributed Systems - Inserting any distributed systems drawing into a plain AutoCAD drawing as an XRef will crash AutoCAD with a Fatal Error
Electrical   Subtotal: 2 
16493 Issue Space Allocations - Cannot make saddle connections in 2d wireframe mode
13207 New Feature Space Allocations - Provide the abitily to break space allocation straights using the "Break Object at Point" command from the "SC Utilities" menu
Equipment   Subtotal: 3 
16522 Issue PHP - Generic connections don't work when connecting to equipment.
14131 Issue Manager - Equipment - Non-resizable columns in the "Edit Standard Drawing" dialog
13842 Issue Manager - Equipment Library - The "Is Insertable" option can be unchecked for "In Use" equipment stocks, which causes a database "Update Failed" error upon saving the equipment library
HVAC   Subtotal: 2 
16485 Issue Manager - HVAC Stock Catalog - Performance of Save, Import, and Export operations in the HVAC stock catalog can be poor if the number of records is high
16379 Issue HVAC - Modeling - ShipConstructor will crash with a Fatal Error if two Tee parts are connected to each other while not in the OTF mode
Hull   Subtotal: 4 
14903 Issue Hull - Export to Structure - Finish settings specified for a curved plate part in the Export to Structure dialog appear incorrectly for the exported part
14561 Issue Hull - Import/Export - Importing Surfaces from Inventor or AutoCAD Mechanical and converting them to ShipConstructor surfaces results in incorrect inner trim shapes
13850 New Feature Spec - Hull - Shell Expansion - Needs to be a capability to view the 3D and 2D Shells at the same time.
10924 New Feature Hull - Stringer Shells - Provide the ability to display original 3D and expanded 2D views of stringer shells simultaneously
NC-Pyros   Subtotal: 1 
16376 Issue NC-Pyros - Part cuts will be deleted if the user clicks the "undo" button while in the "manually connect shapes" mode
Penetrations   Subtotal: 2 
15357 Issue Penetrations - Assembly Drawings - Penetration component parts are inserted into assembly drawings on updating the drawing when penetration belongs to assembly, but component parts do not
13915 Issue Penetrations - The 'Request Penetration' button is ineffective for Penetrations that use structural pipe as watertight sleeves although the button itself is enabled
Pipe   Subtotal: 9 
15613 New Feature Production - Pipe Spool Drawing - Bending XML should display information about green material on pipe ends
15576 Issue Pipe - Spool Manager - Selecting a pipe part in a model drawing while having the spool manager open crashes 64-bit ShipConstructor with a fatal error
14541 New Feature Pipe - Modeling - Display "Fluid Weight" and "Wet Weight" in the OPM
14346 Issue Pipe - Modeling - After establishing a connection, a pipe end won't change to a necessary allowable end treatment if the pipe's unconnected end already has that end treatment
14111 Issue Pipe - Modeling- Valves are considered modified every time the containing model drawing is saved.
13864 New Feature Pipe - Modeling - Allow transverse displacement tolerance while establishing pipe connections
13753 Issue Pipe - Modeling - If an attempt to connect a pipe to a remote pipe end is made, and there are no connections possible that use default pipe end treatments, connections that modify the remote pipe end treatment to an allowed one should not be considered
13483 Issue Pipe - Modeling - A database error will occur upon saving a drawing if the drawing contains a mitered bent pipe that is associated with a bending machine
8690 Issue Manager - Distributed Systems - The usage state of Pipe and HVAC end treatments is not affected by assigning end treatments to equipment class definitions
Project Split & Merge   Subtotal: 4 
15648 Issue Project Split & Merge - PS&M Manager - Breaking a split link in the PS&M Manager hides all of the toolbars in the dialog form
14820 New Feature Project Split & Merge - Remove the restriction that new Systems can only be created by the Master project
9477 New Feature Project Split & Merge - The backup file path is always displayed as a local computer path in the text of the error message that tells that the merge operation has failed
8829 Issue Project Split & Merge - Merge or Refresh from other portions of the project will revert changes to parts' locations in nest drawings if nest drawings are owned by the current portion of the project while nested parts are not
Shared   Subtotal: 20 
16090 Issue Server Setup - An "Unauthorized Access" error will occur if Server Setup is run by the Windows user who doesn't have System Administrator privileges
15964 Issue Production - BOM - When the "Part Connection Accessories" collector is used, cells in the "Systems" column are populated with "Branch" data in rows that contain information about accessory package items
15921 New Feature Production - Plate Nest - Export part(s) to dxf
15866 Issue Production - Upon a new drawing creation, if the drawing name is recorded in the database, inform users that the database already contains a record with the same drawing name and ask for the confirmation to continue and overwrite the record
15617 New Feature Production - Publish to DWF - Export parts' properties to DWF file
15312 Issue Product Hierarchy - Copying of assemblies in the Product Hierarchy dialog does not copy user-defined attributes (UDAs) that are assigned to the assemblies
15253 New Feature Production - Pipe Spool Drawings - Ensure that "Wall Thickness" and "Outer Diameter" can be included into Pipe Bending BOM tables and XML output (SCPIPEEXPORTBENDINGDATA)
15067 Issue Manager - The X button should be removed from the majority of Manager dialogs if there is no "Cancel" button in the dialog
13992 Issue Production - Profile Plots - Offset dimensions are not generated for specific profiles that have curved shapes
13884 New Feature Manager - Import/Export - Provide the ability to export and import UDAs
13883 New Feature ShipConstructor - Parts - Expose GUID of the part in OPM, "List" command, and NavisWorks properties
13642 New Feature Reports - Distributed Systems reports don't have a System that is selected by default after the Reports dialog is opened
13388 Issue Production - Labeling - Distribution lines may not offset from main geometry properly
12739 New Feature ShipConstructor - Support AutoCAD 2010 and AutoCAD 2011
12436 Issue Manager - Displaying confirmation messages before dismissing dialog forms in Manager should be supported in the majority of cases as a general user interface standard
11270 New Feature Manager - Renaming the "Administrator" permission group should be prohibited in the "User Permissions" dialog in Manager
10904 Issue Reports - Report Definitions - The "Report Title" column in the "Reports" dialog should be formatted as "Text;" otherwise, it aligns numeric entries along the right side of the column
9245 Issue Production - Arrangement Drawings - A database error will occur during arrangement drawing creation if the drawing name matches with another drawing name from a different arrangement drawing group
7493 New Feature ShipConstructor - Revisions - Improve user interface and enhance functionality of the Revisions dialog
6465 New Feature Production - Assembly and Arrangement Drawings - Provide the ability to create Assembly and Arrangement drawings based on non-primary product hierarchies
Structure   Subtotal: 19 
16806 Issue Structure - Naming Conventions - Mirroring curved plates across the ship center line increases the auto number value regardless of the seeded "Part Side" naming component
16740 Issue Structure - Modeling - The ACAD "Copy" command doesn't copy SC construction lines, which creates broken copies
16415 Issue Manager - Structure - Importing stocks from the XML file to the Structure stock catalog doesn't import profile parts that may be contained inside the XML file
16114 Issue Structure - Modeling - Mirroring curved plate parts may fail to generate names that conform with active Naming Conventions
15462 Issue Structure - Modeling - Rectangle profile endcuts may not model properly on twisted stiffeners in specific cases
14531 New Feature Standard Assemblies - Modeling - Prevent construction lines from being displayed in Standard Assembly Instances
13868 New Feature Manager - Profile Endcut Catalog - Allow negative X locations for individual cut origins
13514 Issue Structure - Parts - Curved Plates - Added-material marking lines are coincident with plates physical edges
11476 Issue Structure - Modeling - Using the "Transfer Objects to Group" command on twisted stiffeners when the parts are transferred to a different Unit doesn't change the parts' Assembly
10392 Issue Structure - Modeling - Using the "Transfer Objects to Group" command on curved plate parts when the parts are transferred to a different Unit doesn't change the parts' Assembly
10129 Issue Structure - Modeling - On rare occasions, depended on the plate part shape and the orientation icon size, orientation icon arrows can cross boundaries of plate parts
10092 Issue Manager - Profile Endcut Catalog - The "Lap" type of cut won't appear on the profile if the cut shape is set to a quarter circle
8731 New Feature Production - Plate Nest Drawings - Provide the ability to select parts using non-primary product hierarchies while creating plate nests
8730 New Feature Production - Profile Plot Drawings - Provide the ability to select profiles using non-primary product hierarchies while creating profile plots
8729 New Feature Production - Profile Nest Manager - Provide the ability to select profiles using non-primary product hierarchies while the Profile Nest Manager is opening
7710 Issue Structure - Profile Plot - Stiffeners that have green material on them fail to display forming offset lines in profile plot drawings
6772 Issue Structure - Modeling - Adding green material to a plate part may deduct it from the part's area instead of supplement to the area
5980 Issue Structure - Modeling - The Orientation Icon size will contract too much if the orientation icon doesn't fit the part area
4778 Issue Structure - Modeling - Attaching a specific flange to a plate part that has the throw direction equal to "Center" produces incorrect solid and throws an error