SSI CEO Advises Indian Shipbuilding Leaders

9月 18, 2015
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The CEO of a Canadian software firm will be advising companies from India on how software utilization can increase productivity. SSI CEO Darren Larkins, whose company develops Autodesk based CAD/CAM solutions incorporating ShipConstructor software, will be meeting with key players in India’s shipbuilding industry. A highlight of his visit will be the tradeshow INMEX-SMM 2015 in Mumbai, South Asia’s largest maritime event.

Over the past 15 years, Mr. Larkins has travelled around the globe consulting with industry leaders and government officials regarding efficiency in shipbuilding and has shown how Autodesk based software has been used to significantly increase productivity.

Expert Advice
All consultations are confidential but during his current visit to India, Mr. Larkins will be advising organizations on various subjects such as: 
• Scaling up from AutoCAD to a more enterprise-level shipbuilding solution
• How to integrate Autodesk based software with Bentley applications
• Utilizing ShipConstructor for composite boat fabrication
• Leveraging Engineering data across an organization
• Using Autodesk based software during basic design
• Applying lessons from US Naval and Coast Guard shipbuilding

Mr. Larkins will be pleased to discuss these and additional business related challenges with interested parties during his attendance at Mumbai’s INMEX-SMM 2015, September 23-25, in SSI’s Booth J-18.