Warning: ShipConstructor USB Locks not updateable after Dec. 31

11月 25, 2015
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After December 31, 2015, ShipConstructor USB Hardware Locks will no longer be able to be updated. SSI clients must have transitioned their ShipConstructor licenses to the new RLM software licensing technology prior to this date.

On June 9, 2014, SSI clients were sent a notice that USB Hardware Locks would be retired after the advent of the new software licensing system, implemented with the launch of ShipConstructor 2015 on September 4, 2013. See:

This was further explained in the document that was linked to that notice:

That document stated that:

“By ShipConstructor 2016 all Subscription Fulfillments and license updates will be only with the new licenses.”

ShipConstructor 2016 was launched on May 4, 2015 and SSI will soon be releasing ShipConstructor 2016 R2. Most clients have already upgraded to the newer licensing technology but for those of you who have not, the final deadline to do so is December 31, 2015. After that time, we will no longer have the infrastructure to make changes to USB hardware locks.

The Implications
If you have hardware locks, without taking the actions detailed below, as of January 1, 2016, you will NOT be able to add, modify, or change licenses in any way. The software will continue to work but your ability to manage your projects could be seriously impaired. Note, this issue is of particular concern to those of you with Rental or Lease Licenses and who are still using USB hardware locks.

Those clients with older versions of ShipConstructor will also need to update to a ShipConstructor version which uses the newer licensing system.

What you need to do

If you have:ShipConstructor 2012 Licenses or older
Required Action: Update to ShipConstructor 2012 R2 or later AND update to New Licensing Technology

If you have: ShipConstructor 2012 R2 – ShipConstructor 2014 R2
Required Action: Update to New Licensing Technology

Benefits of the change
It is worth reminding you why we implemented this change in the first place. It was to provide you with multiple benefits

Your next step
Contact your SSI Dealer for any questions or assistance with any required transitions to the new licensing technology.