'Stellar Support'

I just want to send a big thank you to the team at ShipConstructor (SSI) for all the help through our 2015 upgrade and the issues we have worked through the last two days.  Andrew, Guy, and Matt Barber should be specially commended for the long hours yesterday and the full support today to work through a major merge file issue between Gunderson and Elliot Bay.  We are back on track with the largest project to date here at the shipyard which as lots of attention from both the customer and the board of directors at Greenbrier, our parent company.  Jason and Norman's group have also done an excellent job supporting our custom application data for this upgrade also.  Please pass our gratitude to the team. 

Thank you, 
Matthew Witzeling, MSc, Gunderson, LLC

'VIATeC Product of the Year Award'

Bollinger Shipyards has used ShipConstructor software since 2002 and the precursor product, CADLink, since the 1990s. We use ShipConstructor for detail design and production engineering on all the commercial and military vessels we build. Bollinger has recently worked on the US Coast Guard Sentinel Class Cutters and was also involved in the US Navy LCS-1 Littoral Combat Ship project.

Like many shipyards, one of the main reasons we use ShipConstructor is that it incorporates shipbuilding-specific capabilities into the familiar AutoCAD program. If you know AutoCAD you can easily learn ShipConstructor which makes it easier to find and train workers.

ShipConstructor is meant to meet the practical real-world needs of our industry and it helps us collaborate with each other. I believe this is a significant factor in why it has now swept the market of mid-tier yards in this country.

Recently, Bollinger was working with Marinette Marine to construct the USS Freedom. Our shipyards are different so we had to modify the build strategy but the transition went smoothly after Marinette sent us the 3D model. We just had to insert a seam and make some NC tape modifications. ShipConstructor made the process simple.

Several features such as reusable standard assemblies and a rule-based tool for the creation of distributed system supports have helped us optimize design for efficient production. These and other features have had a measurable impact on our efficiency. Based on my work with other shipyards as part of the National Shipbuilding Research Program, I know that the use of ShipConstructor has positively impacted many other companies as well. Proof of this fact has been documented by the international consulting firm, First Marine International (FMI) with results published and presented at various conferences such as COMPIT 2010, and Warship 2010.
I am pleased to support the nomination of ShipConstructor as the VIATeC product of the year.


Dennis Fanguy
Vice President of Quality Management System

'Distinct Advantages'

"Quite a few shipyards have invested in AutoCAD 3D and ShipConstructor software gives ACMA an easy, cost-effective way to interface our clients' projects and bring AutoCAD into a production mode . In the competitive world of shipbuilding this innovative software gives ACMA a distinct advantage when it comes to taking a ship 
owner-developed design to a shipyard for construction."

Mr. Darrel J. Harvey, Vice President. Alan C. McClure & Associates Inc., USA

'Significant Savings'

"ShipConstructor is an integral part of Elliott Bay Design Group's goal to provide state of the art detail engineering to the commercial shipbuilding industry. We are using ShipConstructor to develop a full 3D product model of a sophisticated, 260' OSV. By use of this tool, combined with our engineering organization, the shipyard is realizing significant savings in production labour hours. ShipConstructor allows us to support the shipyard throughout the entire production cycle by providing them with the drawings, documents and reports necessary for all facets of the construction process."

- Mr. Kenneth R. Lane, Executive Vice President. Elliott Bay Design Group, USA

'From 3D CAD to 3D Knowledge Model'

"Since the introduction of the DDROM based ShipConstructor version we have used at Vripack the 3D CAD model more and more as a total project knowledge model. The 3D model becomes the front door to all information stored in the project. The intelligent links in the project data leads us and our clients to all information behind the scenes of the project. Fly through the model, select something and it will guide you to all kind of important project information. From class approval to data sheet, it is all there… Without a ShipConstructor model we are blind again."

- Mr. Erik Wapenaar, B.Eng., Application Manager CAD/CAM
Vripack Yachting International Naval Architects B.V., The Netherlands

"Vripack has used ShipConstructor based software since 1995. from ShipCam and NC-Pyros, through CAD-link and the early ShipConstructors, to nowadays using DDROM based versions. We have done countless projects, at least 10 completely new projects on average a year, so that must be around 200 projects since the beginning. Most of the time we have about 50 different projects on our database server and our client base is worldwide. Vripack is a full service design and engineering company and therefore we use ShipConstructor Universal licenses to be able to fulfill all our clients' wishes."

- Mr. Marnix Hoekstra., Director
Vripack Yachting International Naval Architects B.V., The Netherlands

'A Guarantee for Profitability'

"In only a couple years ShipConstructor has allowed us to establish an ever growing and profitable presence in a market traditionally limited to few players."

- Mr. Stephane Dardel, Chief Naval Architect. Intersection Design, France