ShipConstructor 2008 R3 Update

ShipConstructor 2008 R3 Update
Posted: October 27, 2008

This update can be applied to any version of ShipConstructor 2008. This update uses database version This major update for ShipConstructor 2008 includes numerous bug fixes and features. For more information, please see the R3 What's New document.

  • IMPORTANT: Updating a project from 2.x to R3 can sometimes take a very long time - depending on your data, it could take up to 24 hours. Your project will not be usable while it is updating, so it is recommended that you allow for 24 hours where the project cannot be used before starting the update.
  • Your database must be updated using Administrator if you are updating from R2.5.2 or lower.
  • If you are updating from R2.5.2 or lower then this update must be applied to your license server.
  • Due to significant changes to the ShipConstructor 2008 CUI, any AutoCAD profile customizations will be lost when R3 is first run. However, it is possible to migrate your pre-R3 profile over to R3 by following the steps in this KB article: How to migrate your old ShipConstructor AutoCAD Profile to R3
  • ShipConstructor 2008 currently does NOT support AutoCAD 2009.
  • ShipConstructor 2008 currently does NOT support Windows Vista.
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If you are updating from R2.3 or earlier, please read the following Knowledge Base article: