ShipConstructor 2008 R4.3.1 Full Install

ShipConstructor 2008 R4.3.1 Full Install
Posted: July 27, 2009

Please contact SSI Support for the download link. For more information about R4.3.1, please see the section on the R4.3.1 update above.

ShipConstructor 2008 R4.3.1 requires 1200 level lock licenses. The 1200 level lock licenses should NOT be confused with Universal Licensing. Do not download this release until you have contacted your local sales representative to update your locks. 1200 level lock licenses are the same licenses required for R4.0.1.

  • NavisWorks 2010 is now supported. In order to to use NavisWorks 2010 with ShipConstructor, you must install NavisWorks before installing ShipConstructor. The ShipConstructor install will automatically select the most recent supported version of NavisWorks that is installed and add ShipConstructor support to that version only.