ShipConstructor 2009 R1 Full Install

In order to install this version you require Subscription (formerly UM&S) valid as of November 1, 2009 or newer. If you have questions about Subscription or to renew please contact your local representative.

ShipConstructor 2009 R1 Full Install  (280MB/exe) Posted: January 25, 2010

ShipConstructor 2009 R1 is now available as a full install only. Please contact your dealer for the full install download link. If you run the full install while ShipConstructor 2008 is installed, it will act as an upgrade and will automatically upgrade ShipConstructor 2008.

  • What's New: ShipConstructor 2009 R1 introduces many new features and improvements. Please read the What's New document for more details.
  • Project Split & Merge Customers Please Read: Project Split & Merge is still undergoing changes to support the new features in ShipConstructor 2009. Therefore users who are using Project Split & Merge should not update to ShipConstructor 2009 until version R1.1 where this feature will be supported.
  • Database Update Note: Updating a database from ShipConstructor 2008 to ShipConstructor 2009 uses the same process as updating one version of SC2008 to another, however in this case it may take several hours
  • Windows Vista and Windows 7 are now supported.
  • ShipConstructor 2009 cannot be installed side-by-side with ShipConstructor 2008. Installing ShipConstructor 2009 will automatically upgrade ShipConstructor 2008.
  • 64 bit Support: ShipConstructor 2009 R1 does not currently support 64 bit Windows. However, 64 bit support will be coming very soon.