ShipConstructor2006 1.03.6 Update

ShipConstructor2006 1.03.6 Update
Posted: July 3, 2007

Fixes an issue with approval drawings. Fixes an issue with endcuts on certain curves. Addresses some penetration issues. This update is compatible with ShipConstructor 2006 1.01 or later. It is a cumulative update that includes the functionality of all updates released since ShipConstructor 2006 1.01.

IMPORTANT: If you are still using ShipConstructor 2006, we strongly encourage you to upgrade to ShipConstructor 2008 as soon as possible. ShipConstructor 2008 is far superior to ShipConstructor 2006 and contains many significant new features and bug fixes. ShipConstructor 2006 is no longer being developed and we will not be releasing any more patches for it.

Upgrading to ShipConstructor 2008 is a very simple process and many customers have already upgraded with no problems. Projects can be updated to 2008 using Administrator and the process is as simple as updating a 2006 project from one database version to another. Please contact このメールアドレスはスパムボットから保護されています。閲覧するにはJavaScriptを有効にする必要があります。 for 2008 download instructions or if you have any questions about ShipConstructor 2008.

ShipConstructor compatibility with AutoCAD 2006/2007

Please be aware that ShipConstructor 2005 and ShipConstructor 2006 are NOT compatible with AutoCAD 2007. If you are thinking of upgrading your AutoCAD version, please wait until the release of ShipConstructor 2008 this summer. This new version of our software will be compatible with both AutoCAD 2007 and AutoCAD 2008.

There may be a problem for ShipConstructor users wishing to purchase a new AutoCAD license. Fewer and fewer AutoCAD dealers are selling AutoCAD 2006, as AutoCAD 2007 is now their primary product.

For now, after discussion with Autodesk, we recommend the following procedure for purchasing AutoCAD 2006:

  1. purchase AutoCAD 2007 with the normal subscription
  2. submit a formal request to Autodesk to additionally receive AutoCAD 2006

This is a straightforward process within Autodesk, and because you have purchased a subscription you will be able to update to AutoCAD 2007 without hassle when ShipConstructor 2008 is released.

We apologize if this causes any inconvenience. ShipConstructor and Autodesk are working hard to better synchronize future software releases.

Updating ShipConstructor 2005 Projects to ShipConstructor 2006

Due to the greatly increased capabilities of ShipConstructor 2006 over its predecessor, updating existing projects from ShipConstructor 2005 is a complex undertaking. If you are interested in updating one of your projects to ShipConstructor 2006, please contact our Support team, who will be happy to make an assessment.