SSI - Autodesk based Shipbuilding & Offshore Software Solutions

SSI develops Autodesk based solutions for the shipbuilding and offshore industry including: ShipConstructor software, an AutoCAD based CAD/CAM product line; and EnterprisePlatform, a tool for sharing product data model information. Expert consultation is also available to ensure real time engineering data passes effortlessly between applications such as MRP, ERP or PLM tools.  Shipbuilders, naval architects and marine engineers trust SSI on projects such as yachts, oil rigs, tankers, ferries, warships and workboats.

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SSI 2020 R2 Released: Transfer Parts, Manage Change, Capture Productivity

November 13, 2019

No two shipbuilders are the same, but many of the challenges their departments experience on a day-to-day basis are. With the release of SSI 2020 R2, we’ve tackled some of those challenges head-on. Our teams have made huge improvements in how change is managed across multiple hulls, clashes are identified and resolved, and project work is assessed and reviewed.

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Actionable Insight Across Teams - SSI 2020 R1.1 is Here!

August 13, 2019

Modern shipbuilding projects take place on an unrivaled scale. When thousands of parts, actions, and tasks are worked on by multiple teams, sometimes from across the world, it can be challenging to maintain a clear picture of a project’s status.  

With SSI 2020 R1.1, we have focused on making improvements that help uncover insight into your projects. Exploring project changes with just one click, improved speeds when working across distributed teams, advanced administration features, and detailed Project Insights reporting all work together towards that goal. 

SSI 2020 Released: Your Portal to Productivity is Here

May 22, 2019

SSI 2020 is here! This release is focused on making our products a portal to your productivity. We’ve focused on ensuring that the answers you’re looking for are available to you when and where you need them. A direct link between Navisworks and ShipConstructor, a completely redesigned Help panel, improved User Defined Attributes for clashes, and tracking and review of weld changes have all been implemented in order to make our user’s experience more enjoyable. 

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SSI 2019 R2.1 helps you tackle the realities of Shipbuilding

February 12, 2019

Shipbuilding projects will always be subject to the realities and complexity inherent to production at such large scales. With the release of SSI 2019 R2.1, we’ve worked hard to help you tackle those realities and make it easier for you to focus on accomplishing more. 

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