Become an SSI Representative


SSI is accepting applications for SSI representation in some key markets globally.  The requirements for organizations seeking to represent SSI include expertise in shipbuilding /offshore design and engineering, sales skills, an understanding of software development, and strong IT troubleshooting ability.

Current positions available for: 
1. SSI Authorized Reseller
2. SSI Authorized Training Centre 
3. SSI Authorized Service Centre

to fill in an application.

SSI products and services are uniquely suited to the entire range of demand for CAD/CAM solutions.  The flexible licensing options and interoperability with complementary applications provides cost effective solutions for the smallest design and engineering firms to the largest marine projects in the world. The use of Autodesk, Microsoft SQL Server and other COTS technology also allows for easy adoption in emerging markets while ready integration with ERP, PLM, MRP and other enterprise applications ensures that the most advanced organizations can fully leverage these tools.

SSI Representatives are offered an attractive commission and support remunerations package.
Some other benefits provided for dealers are:

•    Training for staff in the areas of sales process, software education, needs analysis and support troubleshooting.

•    Marketing materials, including a shared web site that is developed and provided by SSI Corporate.

•    Fully branded and sponsored tradeshows and events worldwide including support by senior SSI Corporate staff.

•    SSI sponsored worldwide public relations and advertising.

•    An SSI facilitated Representative Network including: regular Representative teleconferences and a web-based Partner Portal for sharing marketing materials, information, ideas, etc.

•    An annual conference for Representatives and Super Users facilitating sharing of ideas and input into policy formation and strategic planning.

•    Joint initiative sales trips and seminars in dealers’ markets.

» If you would like more information on becoming a SSI Representative please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.