The SCDN community is intended for 3rd party developers (Commercial Partners) creating software solutions for sale to ShipConstructor users, and for ShipConstructor users who want to develop in-house solutions
(Client Partners) to leverage the power of the ShipConstructor product model.

Commercial Partners joining forces with ShipConstructor have a significant opportunity to promote and market their companies through the SCDN. Client Partners will be able to enjoy significant cost savings and quality improvements by interfacing the wealth of information stored in the ShipConstructor Marine Information Model with related company processes such as enterprise resource planning, accounting, and production automation equipment.

SSI will be happy to assist our Partners with idea development and generation of project specifications for a successful integration with ShipConstructor.

How to get started:

1. Read through our brief 2-page SCDN Program Guide (264KB/pdf).

2. Complete the SCDN Application Form (77KB/doc) and send it back to SSI for evaluation.
Please allow some time for the analysis of the proposed partnership.

3. Download our SCDN Logo Pack.

SCDN Members


Praeses Logo-r1

Praeses provides custom application development services across a number of industries and the US Department of Defense.  Praeses looks to apply technology to solve business problems.  We have been working in the shipbuilding industry since 2004 and have a number of key client relationships in the industry.

SCDN Project:
OneList – lien tracking for shipyards, CPMS – Cable plant management system, mobile enabled system to manage the routing and installation of electrical cables within the ship, C2E/C2P – CAD to ERP/CAD to Planning, integration tools to push data from one system to the other.

ATA Engineering, Inc. (ATA) is an engineering consulting firm that provides innovative solutions through test-and-analysis-driven design by focusing on the engineering needs of manufacturers in addressing their cost, quality, and time-to-market challenges for mechanical and aerospace systems.

SCDN Project:
ATA’s integration of its ShipPDX product with ShipConstructor will allow shipyards to provide the US Navy with a complete digital product model of an as-built ship in the form of a LEAPS database. ShipPDX is a batch-mode program intended to satisfy the US Navy need for up-to-date digital product model data to support early stage design, contract design, detail design, construction, and logistics support activities. Per NAVSEA Instruction 9040.3A, “ship and ship system design, acquisition, and fleet support activities shall procure … product model data in accordance with ISO10303 … (STEP) format, native Computer Aided Design (CAD) files, and/or Leading Edge Architecture for Prototyping Systems (LEAPS) format.” ShipPDX will gather product model data from whatever source is available (CAD tools, ship design tools, spreadsheets), in whatever form is available (text files, spreadsheets, APIs), and produce a LEAPS database from it for delivery to the Navy. Data to be translated include molded surfaces, compartmentation, equipment arrangement, ship structural systems, ship distributed systems.


AutoFEM Software has developed a product that allows ShipConstructor users to leverage the information from within the ShipConstructor Product Model to directly drive the FEA tools in the AutoFEM Analysis application without leaving the familiar AutoCAD Environment.

For more information: AutoFEM Analysis & ShipConstructor Software: Working Together.pdf
Video - ' AutoFEM Finite Element Analysis and ShipConstructor '

SCDN Project:
Retrieving the names of materials, parts and layers from the database of ShipConstructor.



Marine Technologies is a team of experienced professional designers, engineers and naval architects providing engineering services to the marine industry in close cooperation with NDAR, SSI's Senior Partner ENEA. The company was founded in 1998 and operates out of Kaliningrad, Russia. Marine Technologies prides itself on its complete knowledge of the shipbuilding process and the international nature of its business. Marine Technologies has worked with over 40 different shipyards in countries throughout Europe, including prestigious clients such as Fassmer BmbH & Co.KG. Based on the very strong foundation of their practical shipbuilding experience, Marine Technologies assists SSI in its QAP (Quality Assurance Program) and offers ShipConstructor software, training and tech-support in several languages.

SCDN Projects:

MT Report Generator: Provides a simple and flexible alternative to ShipConstructor Report.

Distributed Systems Parts Labeler:  Allows users to set-up parameters of a distributed systems parts labels to re-use label styles repeatedly. A wide range of settings allows precise formatting of the labels

Structural Parts Labeler:  Allows users to set-up parameters of a structural parts label to re-use the label repeatedly. A wide range of settings allows precise formatting of the labels.


ETRAGE LLC, based in Waltham, MA, is a software development company that focuses on products and services in engineering/design automation and integration, manufacturing automation and data integration. ETRAGE's services have been in the areas of automation, customization and integration of 3D solid modeling CAD, PDM, ERP and MRP systems.

SCDN Project:
ETRAGE's IFS applications integration with the ShipConstructor Software provides a robust exchange of data between these systems. The integration uses the ETRAGE Integration Server (EIS) to transfer Bills of Materials (BOM), viewables, part numbers, attributes and more between assembly drawings automatically created by ShipConstructor and the IFS Application suite. It provides real-time updates of BOM changes into the IFS ERP application, streamlines data flow between the engineering, manufacturing and purchasing departments, eliminates manual data entry or processes of large sets of data and insures that manufacturing and purchasing have access to the most up to date BOM and drawings inside the IFS.



Cloudis Ltd. is a UK based developer of engineering applications with a focus on cable management since 1996. The company's CMPIC (Configuration Managed Project Integration Cabling) software controls the design, routing and installation of all types of cabling and is used by some of the world's largest shipbuilders. Cloudis prides itself on its responsiveness to customer needs, its database expertise, integration capabilities, knowledge of engineering requirements and attention to detail.

SCDN Project:
Currently, CMPIC software from Cloudis has an interface with AutoCAD. By extending the interface to ShipConstructor, SSI clients will be able to leverage CMPIC capabilities whilst employing ShipConstructor's modeling and clash detection strengths to create the cable supports, penetrations and cable trays as required. The modeled cableways will then be used by CMPIC to route and manage the cables. Using ShipConstructor in conjunction with CMPIC offers the best of both worlds.



TechnoSoft is a leading provider of product and process modeling and integration solutions, used by
engineering organizations to streamline design, analysis, and simulation processes in aerospace, defense, automotive, industrial equipment, and shipbuilding industries.

SCDN Project:
TechnoSoft is developing an integration of ShipConstructor with their AMWaves application. AMWaves is an object-oriented modeling framework for collaborative knowledge-based engineering. The AMWaves application is used to generate structural, electromagnetic, acoustic, etc. analysis models.



Signal International offers diversified capabilities and comprehensive fabrication facilities to support new construction of rigs, vessels and wind farm substructure/substations. Signal International also performs conversions and upgrades, refurbishment and repair work, dry dock services and ship repair.

SCDN Project:
Signal International’s SCDN project involves finessing the integration of ShipConstructor with ERP and Primavera.



HGG is the leading supplier of CNC pipe cutting machines and robot profile cutting lines for coping beams and hollow sections. In addition, HGG offers cutting services at various service centers.

SCDN Project:
HGG's focuses on constant innovation and fulfilling customer's needs. HGG received multiple requests from shipbuilders (e.g. SeaSpan, Vancouver) for a connection between ShipConstructor and HGG's profile cutting software. HGG and ShipConstructor will join forces to develop this connection. The result of this cooperation will be a post-processor to communicate between ShipConstructor and HGG's shipbuilding machinery.