Value Added Reseller

SSI is a market specific Autodesk Value Added Reseller (“VAR”) providing clients with a range of industry specific solutions starting with the most basic CAD/CAM tools to the most advanced enterprise solutions available.

SSI representatives can guide clients toward the ideal blend of SSI and Autodesk products which eliminates the need to interact with multiple vendors.

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Featured Autodesk products

The products listed below will be of special interest to SSI clients. For more details on these and other Autodesk products, please visit


AutoCAD is Autodesk’s flagship product. AutoCAD is one of the most widely used CAD applications available today and provides robust general purpose Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools with industry leading drafting capabilities.

› Connection to ShipConstructor: AutoCAD provides the CAD engine and world-class basic drafting toolset for ShipConstructor. While AutoCAD by itself can be used for smaller scale shipbuilding projects, ShipConstructor expands the capabilities of AutoCAD to create a powerful industry-specific solution.

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AutoCAD Mechanical

The powerful features in AutoCAD Mechanical design and drafting software help to automate common design tasks, facilitate increased drafting productivity, and offer mechanical engineers a competitive edge. AutoCAD Mechanical includes all the functionality of AutoCAD software, plus comprehensive libraries of standards-based parts and tools for automating common mechanical CAD tasks.

› Connection to ShipConstructor: AutoCAD Mechanical can be used in place of AutoCAD as the platform for ShipConstructor. The expanded drafting toolset offered is particularly useful in conjunction with ShipConstructor when extensive manual detailing of drawings is required.


Create, modify, and manage piping and instrumentation diagrams faster and more accurately with AutoCAD P&ID software. Built on the latest AutoCAD software platform, AutoCAD P&ID is easy to use and familiar to designers and engineers, so design teams can start quickly with minimal training. AutoCAD P&ID streamlines and automates common design tasks. With simple reporting, editing, sharing, and validation of piping design information, projects can start more easily, run better, and finish sooner.

Connection to ShipConstructor: AutoCAD P&ID can be used to create P&ID diagrams prior to the development of the 3D Pipe Model in ShipConstructor.

Autodesk Navisworks

Autodesk Navisworks products for project review enable coordination, construction simulation, and whole-project analysis for construction project management. AutodeskNavisworks Simulate, Autodesk Navisworks Manage, and Autodesk Navisworks Freedom software include tools to simulate and optimize scheduling, identify and coordinate clashes and interferences, collaborate with project teams, and gain insight into potential problems before construction begins.

Connection to ShipConstructor: Autodesk Navisworks is the Virtual Reality solution for ShipConstructor. It enables 3D design review, customer review, supply chain collaboration, project scheduling and shop floor 3D applications.

Autodesk Inventor

Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD software products offer a comprehensive, flexible set of software for 3D mechanical design, product simulation, tooling creation, engineer to order, and design communication. Inventor takes users beyond 3D to Digital Prototyping by enabling them to produce an accurate 3D model that can help design, visualize, and simulate products before they are built.

Connection to ShipConstructor: Autodesk Inventor allows users to model equipment and other components (engines, pumps, foundations etc.) for use in ShipConstructor.

Autodesk Simulation

The Autodesk Simulation portfolio delivers a comprehensive set of simulation software tools that are easy to integrate into each phase of the design and engineering process. From mechanical stress, vibration, motion, energy, and structural analysis to computational fluid dynamics, plastic injection molding, and multi-physics, Autodesk Simulation software helps users predict performance, optimize designs and validate design decisions.

Connection to ShipConstructor: Autodesk Simulation enables users to perform detailed FEA analysis on the 3D ShipConstructor product model.

Autodesk Vault

AutodeskVault data management software helps organize, manage, and track data creation, simulation, and documentation processes for design and engineering workgroups. Get more control over design data with revision management capabilities and quickly find and reuse design data, for easier management of your design and engineering information.

Connection to ShipConstructor: Autodesk Vault allows users to store and manageShipConstructor outputs including DWG files.