SSI's Consulting Services Department helps clients optimize their investment in ShipConstructor software. A consultation goes beyond generic training since it examines a company's business processes to determine the most effective and efficient utilization of ShipConstructor. This assists companies in fulfilling objectives and maximizing productivity. Consultation is recommended for all clients.

The Consulting Services Department can help implement ShipConstructor, improve existing usage, enhance procedures, and assist with automation and custom programming of templates, scripts and applications.

Consultations are appropriate for every ShipConstructor client. Existing clients can learn how to optimize their processes and procedures and have custom tools developed for their specific situations. New clients would see even more benefit. It is therefore strongly recommended that each new sale of software include an Implementation consultation with a follow up Refresher consultation 6 to 12 months later. Basic Training will still be given by dealers, even if identified as a result of a Consult. Advanced training in specific areas may be given by the Consulting Department.

Implementing the recommendations from a consultation should lead to man-hour savings, tighter schedules, higher quality, competitive advantage and more attractive and successful bids.

Consultation Design

SSI has identified 5 stages in the integration of ShipConstructor into the business processes of the client or in the process of upgrading to the latest functionality. Accordingly SSI has created 5 consultation templates to cover each of these stages:

• Implementation
• Comprehensive
• Refresher
• Custom Tailored
• Automation

SSI recognizes that clients have different needs so will work with any client to create the most effective consultation by adding/removing items from any/all templates. This strategy maximizes the benefits for every client of every size in every market.

The outline for each consultation will be as follows:
• Initial discussions with client
• Request pertinent data to review off site (documentation, standards, processes, sample production output)
• Customize applicable consultation template
• On-site review
• Off-site compilation of report
• Submit report including training strategy
• On or Off-site basic training (Dealer)
• On or Off-site advanced training (SSI Consulting)

Implementation Consultation

To ensure success, it is strongly recommended that new ShipConstructor clients take advantage of the Implementation consultation. This consultation guides clients through good decision making at the earliest stages, setting up processes and applying best practices to their specific situations. Strategies are further provided to ensure smooth integration to new procedures. Manpower requirements are then analyzed and a training/mentoring plan devised including in-house training options. The learning curve for staff is reduced as an educational program is devised that is tailored to the exact skill level and process requirements of each client. The dealer provides any basic training required and the Consulting Service Department provides advanced training.

The following items are analyzed in detail:
• Modeling tactics
• Drafting strategies
• Change management
• Review approved design package
• Review of deliverables
• Training/Mentoring
• Build strategy
• Lofting
• Checking

• Templates
• Catalogs
• Standards
• Skills assessment
• Integration and interfacing with ERP
• Navisworks 3D/4D visualization
• Sisterships
• Strategic process review

Refresher Consultation

A Refresher consultation is intended as a follow-up to an Implementation or a Comprehensive consultation. The follow-up typically occurs 6-12 months later. Its primary purpose is to ensure that a company has incorporated and is maintaining best practices identified in previous consultations. This consultation type is used if business processes have changed so new procedures can be developed. During the Refresher consultation, clients are also made aware of how the latest ShipConstructor releases could enhance functionality and a cost/benefit analysis is utilized to determine if an upgrade is appropriate. As with other consultations, training strategies are devised
if applicable.

The following items are analyzed in detail:
• Discussion of latest ShipConstructor functionality
• Review implementation of previously recommended standards and processes
• Review personnel skills
• Review of production communications
• Review of production deliverables
• Change management is monitored
• Review of check cycle
• Review of extent of customization
• Current software update strategy

Customer Tailored Consultation

Customer Tailored consultations implement tailored solutions to the unique challenges of the customer. This consultation type is designed for individual issues not covered in the other categories. Customer Tailored consultations have been used to help develop a solution for an individual task or function desired by a client. This Consultation type could cover any aspect of the engineering effort and could be a custom review of naming conventions, standards, processes or analysis of the final product delivered to production.

Automation Consulting

An Automation consultation is designed to develop and implement a suite of automation tools, tailored to the clients' specific needs. These tools are for automating repetitive tasks to reduce the time required by the Design and Engineering departments.

An example of this is the creation of a lisp function to automatically reformat profile plots to add dimensions and text automatically in much clearer detail. The deliverable was a customized function that exactly matched the client's very unique requirements.

For more information or to book a consultation contact:

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tel: +1 (250) 479-3638, 140
toll free: +1 (888) 210-7420
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