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Trade in your perpetual license and save 50% on a 3-year subscription to any eligible
Autodesk software—including AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor Professional, 3ds Max, and new industry collections

LT family licenses can be traded in only for LT family subscriptions

To trade in your license, select the product you wish to purchase from the list below and submit your perpetual license serial number in the form. Your new 3-year product subscription will be added to the cart at 50% off.




Autodesk is phasing out Suites and replacing them with Autodesk Industry Collections, offering more value, more flexibility and more simplicity.


Comparison with Suites
Industry collections provide you value that well exceeds the Premium Suites at a very competitive price point. They offer more flexibility, more cloud services and a simpler way to access the software you need.

Note regarding existing Suite Subscriptions
Customers who currently have a subscription to a suite (previously referred to as Desktop Subscription) or a perpetual license of a suite on a maintenance plan can continue to renew for as long as they wish. Those who are looking to purchase a suite after July 31, 2016 will have the option to subscribe to an Industry Collection.

What You Should Do
A convenient path for switching is available.
If you do not wish to pursue this option, you can purchase a monthly or quarterly subscription to a Suite until Industry Collections are available on August 1.

For customers that prefer Perpetual Suites on a maintenance plan - that’s good too! Though you cannot convert a Perpetual Suite to an Industry Collection, you can continue to renew the maintenance plan for your Suite as long as you want.

Let SSI Help You
We encourage you to reach out to an Autodesk Expert Advisor from SSI to discuss your options for moving to the industry collections. We can also answer any additional questions about this new offering.



SSI is a market specific Autodesk Value Added Reseller (“VAR”) providing clients with a range of industry specific solutions starting with the most basic CAD/CAM tools to the most advanced enterprise solutions available.

SSI representatives can guide clients toward the ideal blend of SSI and Autodesk products which eliminates the need to interact with multiple vendors.