Release Information

Release Information - ShipConstructor 2016 R2.1


Below is a list of some of the key highlights included with ShipConstructor 2016 R2.1

MarineDrafting Enhancements

Better MarineDrafting Representation for Curved Plates


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Description: Project curved plates onto the main plane of the MarineDrafing view while taking full advantage of the Hidden Line Removal feature.

Benefit: Have a better idea of how the parts are shaped and oriented relative to each other in 3D space by having proper representations of curved plates in MarineDrafting views.

Use Case:

  • Create MarineDrafting views for cambered decks. Differentiate between visible and hidden parts above and below the deck.

  • Create MarineDrafting views for side shells. See a proper 2D representation of the shell with adjacent components such as stiffeners, bulkheads and other structure.

Clip Geometry in MarineDrafting Views Precisely to Extents of Bounding Box

Focus on relevant geometry by clipping parts to the extents of the bounding box inside each MarineDrafting view.

Benefit: Achieve improved clarity and greater refinement of MarineDrafting views. Correctly represent hidden and visible geometry. Enjoy flexible sectioning of 3D solids. Save time on manually editing the views.

Use Case:

  • Remove irrelevant sections of bent pipes protruding beyond the bound-box extents. Avoid undesired obstructions of the geometry inside the MarineDrafting view.

  • Achieve better representation of equipment by sectioning it at an optimal location while removing details not relevant to the view.

 Add Custom User Attributes to Pipe Connection Accessories


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Description: Assign custom user-defined attributes to pipe connection accessories such as bolts, nuts, gaskets and similar.

Benefit: Keep all important details inside the ShipConstructor 3D model, readily access and share information among engineering, production, purchasing, management and other departments.

Use Cases:

  1. Purchasing: Generate a purchasing report so that ordering quantities are itemized by the accessory Tracking Number.

  2. Production: List additional attributes such a Storage Bin Identifier directly in Bills of Materials included in production drawings.

  3. Engineering: Use Connection Accessories UDA Editor to efficiently search, filter and modify values for hundreds of pipe connections in the drawing. (Subscription Advantage Pack)

 Parametrically Define New HVAC Stock Types Such As Cap and Bellmouth


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Description: Get access to two new stock types such as Cap and Bellmouth in the HVAC catalog.

Benefit: Streamline defining, modeling and generating production output for commonly used HVAC stock types.

Use Cases:

  • Parametrically define caps and bellmouths of various shapes and sizes in the HVAC stock catalog.

  • Properly account for commonly used HVAC parts in Reports and Bill of Materials.

 EnterprisePlatform Enhancements

SSI's powerful tool for information sharing, EnterprisePlatform, has also been improved. See below:

 More Options for Creating Work Packages


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Description: Easily identify relevant areas of the project, and use EnterprisePlatform PublisherLT to produce flexible work packages that include PDFs of Profile Plots, and PDFs and DXFs of Plate Nest drawings. Optionally, supplement the output with Overview Drawings showing locations of exported parts in 3D space.

Benefit: Achieve greater leverage when retrieving information from the ShipConstructor 3D model. Save time when producing flexible and complete work packages ready to be used in different areas of the production chain.

Use Cases:

  • Create work packages for cutting plates that combine PDFs and DXFs of plate nest drawings for selected areas of the ship.

  • Create work packages for fabricating profiles by including PDFs of profile plots.

  • Provide means to visually review and analyze exported components by including an overview drawing in your work package.

 Include Welds When Exporting Overview Drawings


Description: Optionally include weld solids in Overview Drawings exported with PublisherLT.

Benefit: Enjoy more complete overview drawings that not only show locations of exported parts in 3D space, but also explain how the parts are welded in the ship.

Use Cases:

  • Generate a work package consisting of weld tables and visual representations of welds in 3D space.

  • Conveniently track welding progress as your ship gets built.

System Requirements


Supported Client Operating Systems

Windows 7 (64-bit) and Windows 8.1 (Windows 10 currently not supported for this version)

Supported Server Operating Systems

Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, or 2012 (64-bit)

SQL Servers

MS SQL Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, or 2014

Installer includes Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express Edition SP3

Supported AutoCAD Platforms

AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD P&ID:

2013 SP1.1, 2014 SP1, 2015 SP2, 2016

SSI recommends installing the ShipConstructor 2016 client with AutoCAD 2014 SP1

Supported Autodesk Suites

Factory Design Suite 2016

AutoCAD Design Suite 2016

Plant Design Suite 2016


ShipConstructor 2016 R2.1 Installation Guide

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Release Information

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