Software, services, and expertise for the business of shipbuilding.

        • Sliced implementations and our expertise means a benefit from day one, without a lengthy setup.

        • SSI’s Open Shipbuilding Platform gives you a future-proof source of truth for your shipbuilding projects.

        • Get visibility into changes, understand the impacts, and have the right information at the right time to execute the change.

        • Create a local or virtualized shipbuilding environment for your global distributed workforce.

        • SSI makes it easy to switch from other platforms and keep your existing data.

        • The most significant opportunities to impact the cost of building and operating a ship are found in the design and engineering phase.

          Initial Design  |  Basic Design  |  Detailed Design

        • Even a smaller shipbuilding project is immense in scope and scale. Manage the challenges that are unique to ship construction.

          Prepare  |  Fabricate  |  Assemble

        • With the majority of a ship’s life taking place after it’s been built, it’s crucial to ensure that the organization has a clear picture of the vessel at all times.

          Digital Twin  |  Repair / Refit  |  Operations

        • SSI Nexus is a community for users, creators, & implementers of SSI software.

        • SSI MyLearning allows SSI users to access detailed training exercises, materials, courses, and certifications.

        • The SSI blogs are your place to get insights from our CEO into the intersection of shipbuilding and technology, see how shipbuilding is moving forward, and keep up with SSI news.

          Lighthouse Waveform  |  Shipbuilding Solutions

        • A complete line of solutions for the design, engineering, and construction of ships and offshore projects.

        • Tools to connect and share data across every system in the shipyard and make information available.

        • The only truly shipbuilding-specific product lifecycle management (PLM) platform.

        • Learn more about SSI and our leadership.

        • You need a partner with a global presence.

        • The latest on SSI and shipbuilding.

        • Join us at our next event, conference, or trade show.

        • Learn more about our Platform and Development Partners.

        • See the industry leaders who trust SSI.

        • Help us make the business of shipbuilding possible.

The SSI Client Council is a small group of expert elite users who provide advice in return for certain benefits.

Benefits to Client

  1. Ability to influence future development of SSI software. (Your feedback will be a key to prioritizing SSI projects)
  2. Free Champion License: All SSI Products including ShipConstructor and EnterprisePlatform.
  3. Free Admission to any SSI User Conference
  4. No fee to “challenge” SSI certified training courses
  5. Access to future product builds of SSI products not yet released to the public
  6. Access to feature prior to public release which can be used on your production projects.
  7. A badge in SSI Nexus identifying you as a part of the SSI Expert Elite
  8. Exclusive communication with other SSI Expert Elite members to resolve common challenges.

Commitment & Requirements: Approx. 3 hours per month.

  • Brief monthly Virtual GoToMeeting with SSI Product Development team and other Client Council members
  • Be an active participant in the SSI Nexus community discussions
  • Be an active participant in the SSI Nexus Client Council discussions
    • Answer at least 50% of the posts from the SSI Product Development team and other Client Council members.
      • These can be questions about a workflow / process or ideas about software improvements.
  • Prioritize and vote for a set of features/issues/product areas
  • Test features/products/prototypes.
    • The majority of these will not require downloading any software. They will be done virtually with all setup and installation handle by SSI.
  • Do not publicize the details of your membership in the Client Council. (Though you may nominate other members.)


  • Must be a current member of SSI Nexus
  • Must have a current license with subscription

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