About SSI

Company Description


SSI develops shipbuilding and offshore specific engineering solutions based-on Autodesk’s AutoCAD software, including: ShipConstructor software, an AutoCAD based CAD/CAM product line; and EnterprisePlatform, a tool for sharing product data model information. SSI solutions take advantage of the native DWG platform and the global pools of experience provided by the world's most popular CAD platform. SSI combines this with industry specific standards, terminology and best practices. Expert consultation is also available to ensure real time engineering data passes effortlessly between applications such as MRP, ERP or PLM tools. Shipbuilders, naval architects and marine engineers trust SSI solutions on a broad range of projects. SSI solutions are flexible enough to handle the largest and most complex engineering challenges but can also be scaled down to be cost effective in any budget.

Executive Profiles

SSI has an executive team uniquely well suited to bridging the gap between the dynamic and constantly innovating world of high tech and the long standing traditions and challenges of shipbuilding and marine
related industries.

Rolf Oetter - The Founder


SSI is an outgrowth of Rolf's Research at the University of Victoria in the late 1980s. From the beginning, Rolf implemented a mixture of vision and practical reality. Rolf saw the potential to commercialize CAD/CAM software for shipbuilding applications by leveraging commercially available, off-the-shelf technology so that it was optimized to meet industry specific needs. He also recognized that change was a constant in technology and that he would need to collaborate with global industry leaders to ensure that clients could capitalize on emerging trends and adapt to evolving requirements. In pursuing his vision, SSI adopted the Autodesk and Microsoft SQL Server platforms for development. Rolf also nurtured a culture that embraced change and was committed to maintaining an open architecture solution that could be integrated with other business applications and processes. This strategy enabled Rolf to grow SSI into a multi-million dollar, multi-national enterprise. Rolf stepped down as CEO in 2010 but SSI is still guided by his vision.


For more than 17 years Darren has met with shipbuilders around the world, developing an in-depth understanding of industry challenges and global best practices. In response to shipbuilders' call for true concurrent engineering capabilities, he co-invented the company's Database Driven Relational Object Modeling software technology, now at the heart of SSI's products. Today he brings a rare blend of technology expertise and industry knowledge to bear on SSI’s sales, marketing, and operations activities.


Denis has been internationally recognized for his published blogs, articles and papers and continues to provide insights on innovative solutions for the marine industries. He has worked hand in hand with industry partners and SSI’s clients around the world to solve their most difficult business and technology challenges. This depth of understanding of both the current and future state of technology and the business of shipbuilding serve Denis well as he leads SSI towards the delivery of innovative products and services.


Deborah is responsible for all "behind the scenes" internal operational requirements including the Human Resources and Accounting departments. Deborah has over 25 years of business experience in an operations role. She has had great success in growing businesses involving high levels of information technology including organizations in the airline and on-demand publishing industries. She also has an appreciation of the critical factors involved in software development. Deborah holds a BCom degree from the University of Saskatchewan and consistent with embracing change, is committed to ongoing education personally and as part of the corporate culture.

Our Vision


The mission of SSI is to support and deliver increased productivity to the world’s shipbuilding and offshore industries by bridging the gap between tradition and technology.

Since 1980, SSI chose a path which would continually demand that we look over the horizon and remain adaptable and agile in responding to constant and accelerating change in technology. Recognizing this reality, SSI has since created the most innovative, adaptable, scalable and accessible software tools available to the industry. This has been accomplished in an extremely competitive environment and we feel the vision that has driven the company from its inception has provided the foundation for our most fundamental competitive advantages. We are committed to the belief that the pace of change in technology demands an agile solution that can readily integrate with the best available technology. Our commitment to integrating with proven, commercially available technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server and products from Autodesk is part of this vision. SSI will remain committed to focusing on industry specific tools that are user friendly, easily adopted and can be implemented with minimal IT requirements.

The result of these core values is innovative and adaptable software that facilitates the highest degree of workforce proficiency and allows clients to reach a superior level of capability faster than any other solution. Additionally, the broad appeal of our products has demanded a solution that will cost effectively scale from use on relatively simple projects such as barges, to managing the most complex navy, research and commercial shipbuilding and offshore projects in the world. We understand the direction of our industry. The pace at which the world is changing and that new technologies are becoming available is astounding even to those who are immersed in it. Due to the complexity, competition, and scale of shipbuilding and offshore projects, these technologies can have a significant impact on success or failure. To ensure success, our clients need to be capable of proactively adopting these new technologies and leveraging them to greater productivity. However, our clients’ primary business is not IT services or software development. SSI will take ownership of this instead, ensuring that our clients can deliver on time and on budget. Our vision for SSI is one of a trusted partner to the industry, responsible for introducing new technologies and capabilities to our clients with the benefits as well as the total cost of ownership fully analyzed. The goal is always to ensure that the available technologies can be optimally implemented and directly applied to our clients’ specific business requirements. SSI is committed to providing the vision our clients have come to rely on to chart a course through the constantly changing waters of technology. This vision provides our compass and our direction. We are excited about the future of SSI and thankful to the clients who have trusted their businesses to the products and services that we offer. We will remain looking forward, embracing change and charting a course that our clients can trust.