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SSI Congratulates Client Robert Allan on Designing 1000+ Tugs

July 05, 2017
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SSI client Robert Allan Ltd. (RAL) has recently announced that it has designed over 1000 tugboats.

Records from the early days are difficult to track down but it is believed that the first tug designed by the first Robert Allan (grandfather of the current Executive Chairman of the Board) was in 1934. Since then, the company has grown significantly and has achieved a worldwide reputation for its innovative tugboat designs. To produce these designs, during the course of the company’s long history it has continued to embrace advanced technology as it has transitioned from pencil and paper to now using a variety of sophisticated software tools.

The company’s growth has accelerated since the turn of the millennium—a period in which Robert Allan Ltd. started using SSI’s AutoCAD based ShipConstructor CAD/CAM software. While most of Robert Allan’s clients choose to do their own detailing of the design packages, when Robert Allan Ltd. itself performs engineering services, its software tool of choice is ShipConstructor. Jim Hyslop. Robert Allan’s Ltd.’s Manager of Project Development estimates that the company has used ShipConstructor on approximately 100 projects and countless RAL clients are also SSI software users.

SSI congratulates Robert Allan Ltd. on being like Helen of Troy in Greek mythology, responsible for launching a 1000 ships.