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EnterprisePlatform 2020 R2

Performance Enhancements

For SSI 2020 R2, changes were made both PublisherLT and InformationHub to improve the reliability of the output being generated. The EnterprisePlatform team has also continued to enhance performance and the capabilities of the platform as we gear up for exciting future product launches. View the full list of changes on our detailed release information page on Nexus.

EnterprisePlatform 2020 R1.1

Performance Enhancements

For SSI 2020 R1.1, EnterprisePlatform development has continued to enhance performance and prepare the platform for exciting features coming in the future. View the full list of changes on our detailed release information page on Nexus.

Bug Fixes

The "Part Properties with Drawing ID" operation has been corrected to generate data for all the selected parts in the project instead of all the parts in the project.

Updated Windows Server Support

SSI EnterprisePlatform now supports:

  • Windows Server 2019 (new)
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2012

EnterprisePlatform 2020

Performance Enhancements

For the SSI 2020 release of EnterprisePlatform we have continued to focus on performance enhancements and usability improvements. The development team has also started the build process for significant new features for future releases. Access the full list of changes on our detailed release information page on Nexus.

NSRP LiftShip Part Information operation renamed

This operation has been renamed to Lifting Part Information and now only returns XML as the default output type, which the user may change to any one of the following by modifying the operations file manually: XML, CSV, TSV, JSON.

The Lifting EnterprisePlatform Operations.xml file is now included in the SSI installer

It may be found in the ProjectTemplates folder when ShipConstructor is installed.

EnterprisePlatform 2019 R2.1

Removed EnterprisePlatform Operations

  • Parts Creation Deletion Info​
  • Assemblies Creation Deletion Info​
  • Spools Creation Deletion Info

SCEPEXPORTPARTTODWG command now accepts two optional templates​

  • An output 'Destination' template that is used for the final DWG​
  • An 'Explode Options' template for loading explode options.

New "UseWorkerPooling" option​

  • "UseWorkerPooling" is a new option in the Node Configuration file.​
  • Speeds up AutoCAD-based output in EnterprisePlatform

With UseWorkerPooling enabled

  • Instances of AutoCAD stay open once started, thereby avoiding large startup wait times.​
  • AutoCAD workers will restart if the node memory (RAM) exceeds the threshold set by the "MinimumAvailableRAMThresholdInMB" option.​

EnterprisePlatform 2019 R2

EnterprisePlatform Operations Browser

The SSI 2019 R2 release of the EnterprisePlatform provides an improved method to navigate the Operations function, the Operations Browser.

  • After you have selected items in either Publisher or PublisherLT, clicking on the “Operations” button will display the improved Operations Browser.
  • By default, Operations are grouped by output type. For example, if you are interested in outputting a PDF or NavisWorks Drawing from a ShipConstructor DWG file, simply scroll down to select the required output format.
  • To view the list of Operations individually, you can simply remove the grouping condition.
  • Regardless of which view you prefer, sorting and filtering of columns is always possible. Sorting by ascending or descending alphanumeric order is performed by pressing the triangular direction icon.
  • Filtering is accomplished by pressing the funnel icon.
  • To change the view back to being grouped by output type, simply drag and drop the “Output Type” column header to the grouping bar.
  • Descriptions of Operations are also now available in the improved Operations Browser. These can be displayed by clicking on the “Show Description” toggle button, and then selecting the Operation you would like to have detailed.
  • Finally, to select an Operation, simply select it using the checkbox. Multiple Operations may also be selected in this way. To confirm these selections, press the OK button.

The SSI 2019 R2 EnterprisePlatform Operations Browser helps you navigate effectively within Operations to get the most out of EnterprisePlatform.

Operations Browser

EnterprisePlatform 2019 R1.1

New Operations in EnterprisePlatform PublisherLT

Added "Unit" as a source to support new unit-level operations:
• This change can be seen in Publisher and PublisherLT's Load Manager and Load Criteria logic.

New operations have been included that generate plate nest images from parts:
• JPGs of Plate Nests for Parts
• PNGs of Plate Nests for Parts
• BMPs of Plate Nests for Parts

New operations have been added that show an entire system graphically:
• NWD of System
• PNG of System
• Transient Drawing of System

New operations have been included that show an entire unit graphically:
• NWD of Unit
• PNG of Unit
• Transient Drawing of Unit

A new text operation (that applies to parts) outputs all nest properties for the selected nested parts:
• Nest Properties for Parts

A new text operation (that applies to drawings) outputs all nest properties for the selected Nest Drawings:
• Nest Properties for Nest Drawings

EnterprisePlatform 2019


  • Import Load Criteria via the PublisherLT Import button.

  • Added operation to publish all layouts of a drawing to a single multi-sheet PDF document.

  • Customized Operations available for download on SSI Nexus Knowledge Base. (This library will grow over time.)

  • Project Cache can now speed-up the creation of output files by only regenerating output files if they are out of date.

EnterprisePlatform 2018 R2.1


Operations Import/Export
EnterprisePlatform now supports the ability to export and import Operations files. For example, to try using one of our new Operations files associated with a Nexus Knowledge Base article using PublisherLT, simply download and save the Operations file, import it with PublisherLT, and try it. Note that your project must be EnterprisePlatform-enabled to use PublisherLT. Alternatively, you can explore PublisherLT and how to use Operations by downloading and EnterprisePlatform-enabling the SSI Training Project.


EnterprisePlatform 2018 R2


Comprehensive Enterprise-Level Solution for Shipbuilding Industry


EnterprisePlatform 2018 R1.1


Included with your ShipConstructor 2018 R1.1 installation, you will find InformationHub, Publisher and other EnterprisePlatform products. Together they provide a comprehensive enterprise-level solution for automating data generation and distributing this information across different branches of your organization.

New Feature: ProjectViewer



ProjectViewer is a new SSI product that enables you and your team to quickly access the latest output published with SSI EnterprisePlatform. This output can be PDFs of production drawings, PNG screenshots, Excel spreadsheets, AutoCAD and Navisworks drawing files and more! The benefit of ProjectViewer is that it enables a large group of people to tap into a common bank of published project documentation updated on a continual basis.


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