EnterprisePlatform Release Information

EnterprisePlatform 2019


  • Import Load Criteria via the PublisherLT Import button.

  • Added operation to publish all layouts of a drawing to a single multi-sheet PDF document.

  • Customized Operations available for download on SSI Nexus Knowledge Base. (This library will grow over time.)

  • Project Cache can now speed-up the creation of output files by only regenerating output files if they are out of date.

EnterprisePlatform 2018 R2.1


Operations Import/Export
EnterprisePlatform now supports the ability to export and import Operations files. For example, to try using one of our new Operations files associated with a Nexus Knowledge Base article using PublisherLT, simply download and save the Operations file, import it with PublisherLT, and try it. Note that your project must be EnterprisePlatform-enabled to use PublisherLT. Alternatively, you can explore PublisherLT and how to use Operations by downloading and EnterprisePlatform-enabling the SSI Training Project.


EnterprisePlatform 2018 R2

Comprehensive Enterprise-Level Solution for Shipbuilding Industry


EnterprisePlatform 2018 R1.1

Included with your ShipConstructor 2018 R1.1 installation, you will find InformationHub, Publisher and other EnterprisePlatform products. Together they provide a comprehensive enterprise-level solution for automating data generation and distributing this information across different branches of your organization.

New Feature: ProjectViewer


ProjectViewer is a new SSI product that enables you and your team to quickly access the latest output published with SSI EnterprisePlatform. This output can be PDFs of production drawings, PNG screenshots, Excel spreadsheets, AutoCAD and Navisworks drawing files and more! The benefit of ProjectViewer is that it enables a large group of people to tap into a common bank of published project documentation updated on a continual basis.

Purchasing Information


SSI EnterprisePlatform software is sold via SSI’s global network of dealers.
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