(as of ShipConstructor 2019, Pipe includes PipeLink, P&ID DesignValidation and PipeSupports)

Pipe is a complete production design package for pipe systems. Its pipe modeling capability is spec-driven based on a user-defined parametric catalog of pipe stocks and standards with logical connections between parts in the model. It features a powerful constraint based modeling system which allows intuitive changes to existing piping systems. Pipe spools can be defined which are carried over into production for the creation of spool drawings and inclusion in the build strategy for pre-outfitting. As of ShipConstructor 2019, the former PipeLink, P&ID Design Validation and PipeSupports products are included as capabilities within Pipe.


Permission controlled, specification driven routing ensures the correct selection of standards for the current system as well as the correct selection of flanges, allowable bend radius, gaskets, accessories, connection gaps, and fittings. This ensures that the modeled systems conform both to the required specifications and to production requirements.

An intelligent transformation engine allows existing systems to be modified in a controlled fashion, either by grabbing and stretching systems as required, or by using tools to find and replace existing elements or insert new fittings into existing pipe lines.

Supports for piping systems are based upon a user defined library of parametric templates. This allows the creation of supports for any situation, while ensuring that production can optimize processes around materials and manufacturing of supports as each support that is to be produced will be variations on a theme.

3D piping design is performed in the context of the overall 3D project model. Robust tools exist to route new systems offset from existing structure or other systems, define penetrations within structure which anchor pipe in place once approved, and connect pipe to equipment and other systems in the model.

A combination of Standard Assemblies and the capabilities of WorkShare allow existing work to be leveraged towards a significant reduction in engineering hours. These tools allow the reuse of individual portions of the project model, entire blocks and their corresponding production drawings, or entire projects.


• Define systems/branches with default specs
• Route complex piping systems
• Easily route offset from systems or structure
• Dynamically modify existing systems
• Automatically apply spec-driven accessories
• Insert fittings into existing lines
• Find and replace in use items
• Automatically generate spool names from system, build strategy and other data 
• Automatically generate spool drawings
• Automatically create 3D Pipe and Equipment arrangement drawings
• Value Added Modules

PipeLink Features: (included with Pipe as of ShipConstructor 2019)
• Generate PCF files from any production drawing
• Configure PCF output for the requirements of a particular task

P&ID DesignValidation Features: (included with Pipe as of ShipConstructor 2019)
• Compare Tag numbers and other relevant data between the 3D model and schematic
• Identify inconsistent information on items with the same Tag number in the 3D model and schematics
• Identify missing components in either the 2D schematic or 3D model
• Configure the underlying comparison engine to specific requirements

PipeSupports Features: (included with Pipe as of ShipConstructor 2019)
• Define standard support templates
• Define a variety of pipe hangers
• Insert pipe support instances based on system configuration
• Associate supports with piping systems
• Nest and produce support elements (profiles, doublers…)
• Automatically create template based construction drawings



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