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Suites vs. Modular Licensing

Suites are groups of ShipConstructor products packaged together into a single license. These “packages” are far more cost effective than purchasing the same products individually for a single user. Modular Licenses provide for purchase at the most granular level.  When requirements are more certain, this can be the most cost effective purchasing option.

•    Allows the flexibility to work on multiple
     related engineering tasks.
•    No limitation on project size
•    Greatest flexibility
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•    Allows for cost options based on specific 
     engineering tasks.
•    Provides various editions based on
     expected project part counts.
•    Greatest granularity.
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 Standalone vs. Network

The individual ShipConstructor products may be purchased as a standalone license for a single user or as a network license that can be shared by multiple people. The Standard and Premium editions of the ShipConstructor Hull Structure Suites and ShipConstructor Outfitting Suites are available as standalone licenses for a single user only. The ShipConstructor Suite Ultimate Edition is available as a network license that can be shared by multiple people.

•    Tied to a single computer
•    User guaranteed a license
•    Does not have to be connected to a network
•    Permits offsite usage.

•    License can be shared over a network
•    License available to multiple users (non-concurrently)
•    Reduces number of licenses required by an organization
•    Allows centralized management of licenses (aides IT administration)

Payment Time Period Options

SSI realizes that managing cash flow and the scheduling of project and payment schedules are an intrinsic part of shipbuilding and offshore projects.  Therefore, SSI offers multiple different licensing options corresponding to different time periods that will satisfy any need.

Perpetual License
- Perpetual Licenses offer time-unlimited usage of the software. Subscription and WorkShare are options.

Lease License
- Lease licenses allow clients to adjust the number of licenses and levels to their actual needs on a month to month basis. This is an ideal option if clients expect growth over the long term. 60% of the lease payments can be applied to the eventual purchase of Perpetual Licenses. Subscription and WorkShare are included.

Rent License
- Rental licenses are the lowest cost short term licensing options.  They are ideal for organizations with onerous cash flow demands, those with short duration projects with no expectation of future work with ShipConstructor, and existing clients who have a peak in demand but no expectation for sustained growth. Subscription and WorkShare are included.

The following graph indicates the best cost break depending on your needs:


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Upgrades and Swaps

Both the type and quantity of work clients undertake can vary substantially from project to project. SSI also realizes that the needs of any client will not be the same tomorrow as they are today. This is a reflection of both constant changes to the clients business and of the new products and capabilities added with each new release of ShipConstructor.

To address these needs, SSI has now introduced a cost effective way for clients to upgrade or crossgrade (swap) their existing products, versions, or editions of products.

SSI recognizes the investment that clients have already made in ShipConstructor software. Upgrades and swaps allow clients to leverage that investment while acquiring different products.

Contact your local SSI Representative to determine the best options for upgrading and/or cross-grading products to ensure that the software you have is optimized for your current requirements.


Subscription helps you  maintain and maximize the power of your software investment, providing access to the latest software releases, technical support, and advance previews of new features.
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Trial and Educational Pricing

If you would like to try out ShipConstructor software, you can apply for a trial. An SSI representative will assess your needs and assist with this process. If you are interested, please fill out the trials and Education Software LicenseSpecial pricing at significantly reduced rates is also available for institutions using ShipConstructor for educational or research purposes.