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October 10, 2006

Martec Ltd., developer of the Trident suite of structural analysis and seakeeping software, and ShipConstructor Software Inc. developer of the ShipConstructor suite of 3D product modeling and production planning software, officially announced a strategic partnership to combine the capabilities of their software products for the marine industry.

Martec Ltd. (Martec), developer of the Trident suite of structural analysis and seakeeping software, and ShipConstructor Software Inc. (SSI) developer of the ShipConstructor suite of 3D product modeling and production planning software, officially announced a strategic partnership to combine the capabilities of their software products for the marine industry. The ShipConstructor user community will soon be able to easily conduct detailed finite element stress, hydrodynamic and other specialized analysis in Trident, directly from existing ShipConstructor models. The combined ShipConstructor and Trident system will create a powerful, integrated solution for 3D modeling, design and analysis of commercial and naval vessels.

“Martec’s arsenal of analysis software specifically designed for ship structures is an excellent complement to ShipConstructor’s 3D product modeling and production planning software,” commented Darren Larkins, Chief Software Architect at SSI.

Leading ship designers, owners and operators are seeking software tools that extend ship modeling applications beyond design and construction to include complete lifecycle management of the vessel. Doing so will eliminate the time consuming and costly production of separate analysis models required as input to the growing number of lifecycle maintenance analysis tools. This offers significant savings in operation and maintenance costs as well as improved understanding and confidence in vessel safety.

ShipConstructor DDROM structure model viewed in Martec’s Trident analysis software.

“With our combined solution, ship designers and naval architects will no longer need to rebuild models of their vessel to conduct engineering analysis,” said David Brennan, Manager of Martec’s Trident Group. “Users of the integrated Trident-ShipConstructor system will save valuable time during the initial design of a vessel and throughout its lifecycle.” Martec has joined the ShipConstructor Developer Network (SCDN) program, which provides technical resources and support for integrating with ShipConstructor.

Martec’s Trident Group has established the company as a leader in the field of naval architecture and marine engineering technology and services. Martec’s extensive research and development experience in the technology challenges specific to the maritime industry which has resulted in the development of the Trident suite of structural and seakeeping analysis software for naval and commercial vessels. Developed in partnership with Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC), Trident software is used today by navies, ship registries, shipyards, naval architects and ship designers around the world.

ShipConstructor is the number one AutoCAD-based marine 3D product modeling and production planning software suite in the world and the development and recent release of ShipConstructor 2006, encompassing the ground breaking Database Driven Relational Object Model™ (DDROM™), or simply SmartParts™, technology, continues their leading edge history and provides a platform for future innovation and expansion. ShipConstructor’s single database concept supports all operations from project inception through to decommission of the vessel and promotes cooperation and collaboration between individuals, departments and organizations, ensuring that mission critical information is available when needed.

About Martec Ltd.

Martec Limited is a leading engineering firm specializing in advanced engineering simulation and analysis technology. Martec provides consulting services, engineering software, and contract research for a wide variety of industries including Marine, Offshore, Aerospace and Defence. Martec is a privately owned company with its headquarters in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and additional offices in Hull, Medicine Hat, and Washington D.C. For thirty years, Martec has worked with private and public sector clients to find smart solutions to complex engineering problems. More information on Martec is available at

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