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See the software Norway is choosing at Nor-Shipping 2017

May 05, 2017
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Software for Norwegian Shipbuilding

Increasingly, Norwegian firms have been using software from Canadian company SSI to design and engineer a variety of ships. SSI develops ShipConstructor software, an AutoCAD based CAD/CAM program, as well as EnterprisePlatform, a tool for sharing Engineering data with other systems.

Recent SSI customer Marine Design AS of Kolvereid using SSI's ShipConstructor software



Design/Engineering Specialty

Marin Design AS  

Fishing vessels, small/medium cargo ships

Aas Mek   

Live fish carrier vessels


Live fish carrier vessels

Maritime Partner AS 

Patrol and workboats

Promek AS 

Patrol and fishing industry vessels

The Standard for Workboat Design

The fact that these Norwegian companies have chosen SSI software is not surprising. More workboats are designed and engineered with SSI’s software than with any other shipbuilding application on the market. See examples.

Handling Complexity

Norwegian companies are often involved in designing vessels with high levels of complexity. A good example of this is the Ro-Arctic from Skipskompetanse. The Ro-Arctic is a live fish carrier with live-support water treatment systems. This involves circulation, water cleaning, oxygenating, disinfection and automatic washing of tanks and piping, all designed in such a way as to ensure low stress and a high degree of care for animal welfare.

Ro-Arctic Live Fish carrier, designed by Skipskompetanse

The Value of 3D

Due to these complex requirements, Skipskompetanse works with the owner to design vessels “inside-out” around the valuable cargo. To do that efficiently and effectively calls for a 3D software application such as SSI’s ShipConstructor because a 3D realistic visualization makes it easier to understand where everything should go.

Speed to proficiency

A key reason why Norwegian companies chose SSI’s ShipConstructor software is because it is built on a familiar AutoCAD foundation and Autodesk platform, enabling companies to have their staff members be more quickly and continually productive than any other shipbuilding software.

Find out more information


Visit representatives from SSI at Stand# D05-25 at Nor-Shipping 2017, May 30-June 2, Lillestrøm, Norway.