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Royal Huisman Adopts SSI EnterprisePlatform

September 15, 2017
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There are few names in yacht design and construction that can match the prestige of Royal Huisman. Over the course of the company’s 133 year history it has evolved from a modest builder of wooden workboats to now regularly winning multiple awards for creating the finest superyachts in the world.

A Passion for Perfection

Royal Huisman is an extraordinary blend of 21st century technology and innovation, traditional craftsmanship and timeless values. The combining factor between employees, the yard, as well as Royal Huisman’s customers is that they all have a passion for perfection.

Embracing Innovation to Create the Exceptional

To meet those very demanding standards for quality, the company has embraced the latest enterprise-wide software solution. The company is now adopting SSI’s industry-leading EnterprisePlatform product for leveraging engineering information throughout the company’s extended environment. This technology will help Royal Huisman deliver on its constant commitment to its customers regarding “Creating the Exceptional”.