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Get Your Wish (for New SSI Software Features)

May 31, 2018
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We’re Listening

Use the new & improved “Wishlist” on SSI’s community engagement portal “Nexus” is 100% market-driven.

SSI Product Development wants to hear from you directly.

Step 1: Post Your Idea

If your company has a Subscription to SSI software and you would like a new ShipConstructor or EnterprisePlatform feature, simply go to SSI’s new Wishlist interface on Nexus and click “Enter a Wish”.

Step 2: Share and Discuss

Describe your wish. Comment on what others have submitted. Promote your idea.

Step 3: Vote for your priorities

Vote for ideas you like best.

Step 4: Wishes Granted

SSI has already delivered 32 new features based on requests from the previous Wishlist version. Now, with the new and improved interface, SSI anticipates even more positive interaction with people like you.

Go to Nexus Wishlist

(Requires a Nexus Membership and Subscription to SSI Software)

Get a Nexus Membership