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BAE Systems invests in SSI software

February 28, 2016
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BAE Systems invests in SSI software
Major Australian defense contractor BAE Systems Australia has recently made a notable investment in a broad range of SSI software and services.

“BAE Systems Australia is implementing world-class software infrastructure,” says SSI CEO Darren Larkins. “This is a strong foundation for designing and engineering world-class naval ships.”

New Seats, Subscriptions and Rentals
This includes purchases of new ShipConstructor software seats and Subscriptions while also investing in software license rentals under SSI’s flexible pay as you go model.

Planning for Distributed Work
Included as part of BAE’s investment were upgrades to its SSI ShipConstructor Workshare software to allow the company to distribute CAD/CAM work across multiple locations.

Streamlined Engineering
BAE will also be implementing SSI’s innovative information sharing application called EnterprisePlatform PublisherLT which will allow BAE to streamline its engineering processes.

BAE realized that to maximize the value of its software, proper staff training was essential. Therefore, an SSI ShipConstructor software expert will be providing classes to BAE staff. At the end of the extensive training program, BAE staff will receive official certifications of competency from SSI.