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April 29, 2014
Behind the Curtain

In a recent blog post over on his Waveform blog, Denis Morais talked about how we engage clients in our development process via our Client Council’s. This is a very exciting initiative for us at SSI as we pride ourselves on the degree to which we partner with our clients towards mutual success.

I wanted to talk a little bit about a softer but no less important example of how SSI partners with our clients. When SSI wants to promote or demonstrate our products our preferred method is by showing the most innovative clients and projects using ShipConstructor and as much detail on how they are improving their organizations as a result.

Joint Visual Materials

The most visual representation of this type of partnership is our use of client projects in marketing and sales materials. This ranges from

  • extensive use of the Sole project from Peters Shipyards in the Netherlands for the newest range of videos on our YouTube channel, and in the actual delivered software for our ShipConstructor 2014 release,
  • the older but still impressive blended (virtual/real) imagery we created a few years ago with Estaleiro Atlantico Sul, and a shipyard in China building a PX105,
EAS tanker - Credit EAS
  • and most recently a joint effort with LEEVAC in the US on one of their latest PSV’s

SSI obviously benefits from showcasing successful clients and projects; the client also benefits from the exposure (credit is provided where images are used), and from use of the materials generated by SSI in their own efforts. Many more ShipConstructor projects and images can be found on our Flickr account.

Conference Papers and Case Studies

In addition to the higher level joint marketing efforts we have had great success in working towards the creation of conference papers, case studies and whitepapers with our clients. As an example One2Three Naval Architects in Australia is currently performing a case study on the benefits of implementing our newer MarineDrafting product versus traditional techniques for generating the types of drawings required in the Australian market. We’re also working with a smaller US shipyard to explore the very real benefits to a small shipyard of migrating from existing generic CAD tools (like AutoCAD) to an enterprise level shipbuilding solution. Each of these engagements is structured differently based on the specific situation, but are always in the mutual interest of SSI and the client.

Future Opportunity

If any of these types of opportunities are interesting to you or your organization SSI is always looking for new opportunities. Please contact our marketing team to start the ball rolling.


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  1. Tommy Holder says:


    I am always excited to read about what is going on in the marine industry, and how SSI is always striving to improve their design and drafting tools making it easier and better for marine industry. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading your next report.

    Tommy Holder

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