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SSI CEO Larkins Addresses Global Audience

June 07, 2018
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The world’s largest circulation maritime publication Maritime Reporter Magazine has published a multi-page interview with Darren Larkins, the CEO of shipbuilding software company SSI (developer of ShipConstructor & EnterprisePlatform).  When it comes to “the business of shipbuilding”, particularly the role of technology in that business, Larkins stands among a very small group of experts.

During his interview, Larkins gave his thoughts on:

  • How to enable seamless integration of all shipyard departments & processes
  • Why you don’t need to throw away sophisticated 2D processes to adopt 3D technology
  • Why real-world experience with shipbuilding is essential when implementing technical innovations
  • Why a diverse portfolio of clients has found SSI software ideal, particularly naval shipbuilders
  • The explosive growth of SSI

READ the Maritime Reporter Magazine Interview with SSI CEO Darren Larkins.