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          Prepare  |  Fabricate  |  Assemble

        • Maintain
        • With the majority of a ship’s life taking place after it’s been built, it’s crucial to ensure that the organization has a clear picture of the vessel at all times.

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        • EnterprisePlatform
        • Every process in a shipyard requires data. Seamlessly sharing that data across tools in the correct format needed allows for meaningful, actionable information to be consumed throughout the organization. Providing the freedom to choose the tailored tools required for a shipbuilding project.

        • ShipbuildingPLM
        • ShipbuildingPLM is the only product lifecycle management (PLM) platform that is specifically built for the business of shipbuilding. It allows your shipyard to manage and organize information, understand change, build a foundation for digital innovation, and support MRO activities – without the risks and costs of traditional PLM implementations.

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June 16, 2014

SSI Introduces EnterprisePlatform PublisherLT

A new product from SSI (makers of ShipConstructor CAD/CAM software) called EnterprisePlatform PublisherLT is designed to reduce errors and enhance quality throughout the entire shipbuilding process.

SSI Introduces EnterprisePlatform PublisherLT

A new product from SSI (makers of ShipConstructor CAD/CAM software) called EnterprisePlatform PublisherLT is designed to reduce errors and enhance quality throughout the entire shipbuilding process.

Manual Processes Produce Problems

After years of experience working with shipbuilders, naval architects, marine engineers and draftsmen around the globe, SSI noticed a common challenge. Incorrect or incomplete engineering information has costly downstream effects throughout the entire shipbuilding process. In many cases it is not that the original data was incorrect, but rather that errors and omissions crept into the data as a result of laboriously searching, identifying, manipulating and transferring information from one process or tool to another. This is an unproductive, complicated, time-consuming, manual process that is fraught with the potential for human error.

For example, ERP systems need bills of materials data from engineering. The correct information needs to be manually identified, located and then translated and entered into the ERP system. The purchasing department takes the required action based on this data, and ideally the right materials show up when they are needed. But what if there isn’t enough? Or what if the materials are wrong?

Issues such as these can often be traced back to a systemic problem: complicated repetitive, manual processing.

Solution: Automation and Integration

The solution is greater automation and integration. It is with this goal in mind that SSI has launched a new line of software products called the EnterprisePlatform. EnterprisePlatform enables the enormous wealth of engineering information available in the product data model (the ShipConstructor Marine Information Model, or MIM, for example), to be efficiently shared with, and easily accessed by, multiple individuals, software applications and production equipment utilized in the shipbuilding process. This includes people and programs outside of the Engineering department.

Introducing SSI EnterprisePlatform PublisherLT

PublisherLT is the first in the EnterprisePlatform line of products from SSI. PublisherLT allows individuals to gather, convert and manipulate information from the ShipConstructor Marine Information Model and save it to another location. It does this in a centralized fashion (from one user interface) that is outside of ShipConstructor.

Easily Find Information

A key benefit of PublisherLT is that it makes information easier to find. Without PublisherLT, when a batch of drawings or other information is required (e.g. spools for a given system, parts of a given type, etc…), it is left to a user to determine which drawings, parts, etc… need to be captured and exported. Unfortunately, the user does not always know where to look to get the required information. PublisherLT solves this problem by analyzing all the MIM and gathering everything necessary.

No CAD/CAM Knowledge Required

Specific knowledge CAD/CAM knowledge is not required. While ShipConstructor is easier to learn than any other shipbuilding CAD/CAM application, PublisherLT users interact only with a central user interface that simplifies interaction with the MIM. PublisherLT allows the engineering data in the ShipConstructor Marine Information Model to be easily accessible to all stakeholders, including management and individuals in other departments, even to those lacking knowledge of ShipConstructor.

Find Out More

To see a video and find out more information about the EnterprisePlatform PublisherLT, please visit the EnterprisePlatform page on the SSI website.


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