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October 15, 2015


Are engineering reviews of large projects very cumbersome? How can you effectively convey your design to managers, the customer, or even the shop?

Enter Autodesk Navisworks. Let’s take a look at a technology first made popular in the building and construction industry.

Much like the building and construction industry, it is important that shipbuilders have the ability to view their large models in an easy and effective way. Navisworks is a tool that many of our Shipbuilding clients use to view build sequences and ship walkthroughs. Denis Morais, SSI CTO, helps breakdown how it can be used to similate a build sequence using ShipConstructor data.

Is having a visual build sequence not enough? You’re also able to use the Navisworks technology for clash detection for instant feedback. And we all know you’d rather add penetrations in your model instead of “on the fly” out in the yard. Here is more on Clash Detection using a ShipConstructor Model in Navisworks.

Navisworks is a known technology in the shipbuilding industry. It is our goal to increase the knowledge of HOW the tool can help improve your business.

Join the conversation in the comments or on Twitter using the hashtag #TPOI

Please contact SSI for information on how you can utilize this technology on your future projects.

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  1. Richard Fowler says:

    Yes this is a great tool. I have utilized the 4D schedule import to animate and validate the build sequence with much success and very useful.

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