SSI’s Autodesk based ShipConstructor software solutions have been used by an enormously diverse group of companies on a wide variety of projects. Naval architects, marine engineers and shipbuilders have used the company’s products for the detail design, production engineering and 3D modeling of warships, workboats, yachts, ferries, freighters, tankers, oil rigs and more.

ShipConstructor can be used on a diversity of projects because it is the most scalable solution on the market. SSI solutions are suitable for large or small budgets, disparate technical and infrastructure environments, a broad range of workforce skills and abilities, and projects of widely varying complexity. ShipConstructor’s key differentiators--its AutoCAD foundation, Autodesk platform, Marine Information Modeling, Associative DWG capability, and industry specific tools and concepts, enable all ShipConstructor users to take advantage of any or all of the key benefits that most apply to their workflows and processes.  Some examples of these key benefits are: True Concurrent Engineering, the industry leading interoperability, unmatched speed to proficiency, and comprehensive application of security and control measures.

Whatever an organization’s challenges are, and however those challenges may change, SSI can offer an Autodesk/ShipConstructor solution that is agile and adaptable.

Small Design Shop Client Profile: HB Consultants


About HB Consultants
HB Consultants is a small design office founded by JP Bouchard. JP Bouchard is a structural designer with extensive experience in the naval architecture/marine engineering industry. For many years he worked at Bender Shipbuilding and with renowned naval architect Robert Allan Ltd. modelling some of the world’s leading workboats. Now, with his own business, he produces structural designs and renderings for various clients such as Forillon shipyard.

- HB Consultants Inc. shows the value of ShipConstructor for small projects and small teams

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MarineDrafting Case Study: One2three Naval Architects

About One2three Naval Architects
One2three are an Australian independent design house that specializes in custom vessel designs in many operational sectors. A broad spectrum of designs, ranging from 5 metre monohull pleasure boats, 35 metre catamaran passenger ferries and up to 80m trimaran motor yachts, require One2three to maintain high levels of accuracy and efficiency. Those qualities coupled with vast experience, ensure builders and owners feel vindicated with their selection of designer.

- One2three reduces drawing time by 40% with MarineDrafting

One2three has been a user of ShipConstructor since 2005 and have utilized the program’s enhanced functionality and usability throughout the software’s development. This can be witnessed through the increasing number of deliverable components and drawings as shipyards move more tasks from the shop floor to the design office.

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Ferries Case Study: Austal Ships

About Austal
Austal is a world leader in the production of high speed aluminum fast ferries. The company has also leveraged this capability to become a global defense prime contractor. Austal designs, constructs and maintains revolutionary platforms for the US Navy as well as an extensive range of patrol and auxiliary vessels for defense forces and government agencies globally. Austal has a shipyard in Henderson, Western Australia; Mobile, Alabama; and Balamban, Philippines.

Sample Projects:
•    Next Generation 120 m Trimaran Ferry
•    US Navy LCS Independence Class Littoral Combat Ships
•    Benchijigua Express
•    Cotai Strip CotaiJets

Technical Sophistication
Austal is at the pinnacle of state of the art shipbuilding with its sophisticated modular manufacturing facilities. Austal’s commitment to technological excellence is evidenced by the fact that it is very “tool focused”. Austal has continually enhanced processes by developing tools built on top of ShipConstructor’s open architecture platform. During this process, the company has worked closely with SSI to optimize usage of their software and has commended SSI on the quality of its support.

WorkShare tools allow collaboration
Austal also praises ShipConstructor’s WorkShare (formerly Split & Merge) technology which Austal’s offices on different continents use to collaborate on design and engineering. Austal has said that, “this has been a huge thing for us having to work with another organization across the ocean.”

World-leading success
Despite having shipyards in higher-wage countries, Austal has managed to be competitive in a global, non-protected market through the successful application of advanced technology. ShipConstructor software is a key part of this success.

Defense Case Study: Huntington Ingalls

About Huntington Ingalls Industries
For more than a century, Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII) has built more ships in more ship classes than any other U.S. naval shipbuilder. Seventy percent of the US Naval combatants have been built by Huntington Ingalls Industries.

Sample Projects:
•    US Navy LHA-6 (Big Deck Amphibious Assault Ship)
•    US Navy DDG-113, 114 (DDG-51 Arleigh Burke Class restart)
•    USCG Legend Class National Security Cutters

Switch away from CATIA
At one time, Ingalls Shipbuilding did most of its modeling in CATIA but has now transitioned to ShipConstructor due to ShipConstructor’s unparalleled production oriented output that is specifically geared toward the needs of the marine construction industry. ShipConstructor’s AutoCAD foundation has also helped Ingalls find and train workers more quickly since AutoCAD is the world’s most widely used CAD program.

Efficiency and Quality Control
The usefulness of ShipConstructor was proven on Ingalls’ construction of the US Coast Guard’s Legend Class National Security Cutters. With a 4300 ton displacement, these cutters are the largest in the history of the Coast Guard but the Engineering Department completed the first vessel, USCGS Bertholf, on time and on budget. ShipConstructor’s quality control features such as interference checking and integration with Autodesk Navisworks were key contributors to this success.

Offshore Case Study: Lamprell

About Lamprell
Lamprell is a United Arab Emirates company providing diversified engineering and contracting services to the onshore and offshore oil & gas and renewable energy industries. The company has facilities around the Arabian Gulf Region.

Sample Projects:
•    LeTourneau Super 116E Jack-up Rig
•    Seajacks Kraken, Seajacks Leviathan
•    Super M2 Jack-up Rig

Project Completed in Record Time
When Lamprell decided to expand its business into building rigs, the company needed engineering software that could be implemented efficiently and that staff could quickly learn and become proficient in using. This was a significant technology challenge because Lamprell had to implement the new engineering software at the same time as it was setting up a new rig building yard in Hamriyah. The yard was not even fully built yet. Amazingly, the first Jack-up rig was completed in a record schedule; it was launched within 13 months from initiation of training on ShipConstructor. ShipConstructor’s intuitive interface, use of COTS technology and powerful production output capabilities were significant contributors to this success.

Other Case Study: Mustang Marine

About Mustang Marine
Mustang Marine builds and repairs vessels of a variety of shapes and sizes, and offers an extensive range of marine services to customers. The company is particularly known for its rugged Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boats constructed to either commercial or military standard.

Sample Projects:
•    Ribworker
•    Self-Righting RIB

Improved Efficiency
Even on small projects with relatively low volume production runs, Mustang Marine has realized the value of using ShipConstructor’s industry specific CAD/CAM software solution. The company says that ShipConstructor allows Mustang to reduce lead times and reduce costs through improved efficiency, increased control of the design/build process and faster response to customer requirements

Enhanced Quality
After the adoption of ShipConstructor, Mustang noticed a vast increase in product quality resulting from the considerably improved level of design control, reduced tolerances, and build strategy control. These improvements dramatically reduced distortion due to welding the aluminum hulls.

Luxury Case Study: Royal Huisman

About Royal Huisman
In an era of mass production and throw-away values, Royal Huisman holds the torch for the finest custom engineering and craftsmanship. Its mission is to create exceptional yachts –whether classic or modern, sail or motor – for individuals with a distinctive vision and uncompromising standards. Royal Huisman takes pride in building and refitting unique custom yachts with a focus on quality rather than quantity—yachts that are consistently ranked as the world’s finest.

Sample Projects:
•    Gliss - 32m sloop rigged performance sailing yacht
•    Blue Papillon - 43m high performance 'beach deck' sloop
•    Pumula - 37.33m classic cutter
•    Kamaxitha - 48.97 Spirit of Tradition ketch
•    Hanuman - 42.1m J-class sailing yacht
•    Twizzle - 57.5m flybridge ketch
•    Ethereal - 57m performance ketch

Intelligent Engineering
It is no surprise that the makers of some of the world’s most exquisite yachts should be leaders in engineering and production techniques. Royal Huisman calls its approach “Intelligent Engineering”.

Innovative Usage of Virtual Reality
Royal Huisman makes extensive usage of ShipConstructor’s tight integration with Autodesk Navisworks to create intelligent 3D Virtual Reality models which are used by Royal Huisman’s discerning customers to review the company’s designs. Royal Huisman has also led the industry by bringing Virtual Reality down onto the shop floor so that production workers can regularly “fly through” a realistic virtual model of what they are building. This innovative technique gives production workers a more realistic understanding of complex production scenarios.

Workboat Case Study: VT Halter Marine

About VT Halter Marine
VT Halter Marine is the largest designer and builder of small to medium sized ocean-going vessels in the United States. The company specializes in ship design, construction and repair, and offers comprehensive packages covering shipbuilding projects from blueprint to blue water.

Sample Projects:
•    HOS Coral OSV
•    Super 320 OSV
•    Crowley 750 Class Tank Barges
•    T-AGM-25
•    T-AGS 66 Oceanographic Survey Vessel
•    NOAA Coastal Mapping Vessel
•    NOAA Fisheries Survey Vessel
•    Egyptian Navy Fast Missile Craft

Incredible Diversity
VT Halter stands out with the sheer diversity of projects it undertakes. The projects the company works on vary tremendously in size, complexity, and market focus. VT Halter works on both Commercial and Defense/Government projects.

ShipConstructor’s Scalability
Such diversity requires shipbuilding software that enables a scalable approach for jobs of different types. Fortunately, ShipConstructor is the most scalable software of its kind on the market. The ShipConstructor flexible licensing model, integration with COTS technologies and  interoperability provides for a broad range of configurations.

Cargo/Tanker Case Study: Peters Shipyards

About Peters Shipyards
From their shipyards in the Netherlands and Croatia, Peters Shipyards focusses on new construction of innovative ships that are efficient and sustainable. Of particular note are the company’s sea-going tankers and cargo vessels for “short-sea shipping” and inland navigation.

Sample Projects:
•    LNG Greenstream tankers
•    Sole series multipurpose cargo ships
•    I-Box series cargo ships
•    Jumbo series cargo ships
•    Ice Runner series cargo ships

Creative Innovation
The company’s motto is “Creative Innovation on Water,” which is backed up by the explanation that, “competition from Asia is obliging European shipyards to adopt an innovative approach.”

LNG Electrical Clean Energy
An example of Peters’ commitment to innovation is the company’s LNG Greenstream Tanker. With this vessel, Peters Shipyards and its partners are taking an enormous leap forward since the tanker is electrically powered thanks to its generators fuelled by LNG (Liquid Natural Gas). The use of LNG reduces emissions of CO2 and nitrogen oxides by more than 25% and 80% respectively. Moreover, no sulfur dioxide and particulates are released.

Innovative Usage of ShipConstructor
To produce such technologically sophisticated vessels, Peters has taken advantage of the flexibility of ShipConstructor to fully leverage the power of the application and tailor it to suit the company’s innovative engineering practices. Peters also successfully takes advantage of ShipConstructor’s WorkShare functionalities supporting multiple office collaboration.

World Class
Peters Shipyards is an example of how with technological sophistication and the right tools such as ShipConstructor, innovative companies can be leaders in the world market.